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Injection molding machine to share the injection molding machine market or remain strong in 2016

by:Hisson     2020-11-21
Injection molding in the United States, injection molding machine industry is generally accepted that the airport is expected to reach landmark 4000 units in 2015. Even as growth in 2016 May be flat or slightly increase a few percentage points, but the molding machine field remains strong. Some of the important reasons: a large number of plastic processing enterprises a new factory, especially the booming automotive suppliers in North America. In addition, the plastic processing enterprises currently in phase out old machines regularly, buy new. Most industry executives said that this year's growth rate has slowed down to 5 - more smoothly 10%, making 2015 the depression after a sharp rebound after years of normal growth in the second year. Machinery industry managers said that in the future & quot; Normal & quot; The year sales volume is expected to reach 3500 units. In 2016, they say, looks is expected to remain 4000 units. North American auto industry is an important driving force of development, to promote the development of a powerful injection molding machinery business. Many car manufacturers and plastic parts suppliers have built factories in the southeastern United States and Mexico. Told reporters the industry regulator, said the auto industry needs is not only an injection molding machine, molding some production auto parts of complete sets of systems. Finally, injection molding machine manufacturers have learned to due to production back to the shore and electric field are also increase. Respondents said, American general machine life of about 15 years, by buying new machines can help reduce the molding cost and energy consumption.
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