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Interpretation of the injection molding machine operation

by:Hisson     2020-04-01
Interpretation of the injection molding machine operation notice: 1, the power must be determined before the closed motor and electric power switch. 2, check through to the circulating cooling water was clear. During start-up and electric machine must ensure that the hydraulic oil cylinder and the water of the circulating cooling water stopper is open and unimpeded. 3, the machine equipped with central lubrication device, before start the machine, check the amount of oil in the device, the fall in the oil level to open before the warning line, need to fill it up with lubricating oil, oil injection to indicate the oil level. 4, when the machine start, first using the dynamic starting point ( The motor start button, the motor start, and then disconnect, 1 - After 2 seconds, repeat something dynamic start and disconnect from 3 to 4 times. When oil pump and motor regulated, listen to have all the normal noise, there are abnormal noise should immediately stop operation. ) In the operation of 5, and check the machine at the operating parameters, first the machine in manual state, press the button and visual pressure gauge, can predict the pressure of the paragraphs, when electric heating to the set value ( The temperature at which the normal operation) Remember that can't start the hydraulic motor, feeding operation, injection, shot back, otherwise it may result in machine breakdown or damage. 6, the machine in the first two clamping button ( Left and right each one, green) Must use both hands when operating at the same time press the operation, it is strictly prohibited to one-handed operation: ( Is the one of the first button press with fixed objects, make the button in the conduction state, then only use another button operation on the mode-locked, this will cause broken hand crippled. ) 7, in check and adjustment of injection molding machine function parameters, should try to turn off the power of the motor, oil pump. If unavoidable, should be especially careful, forbidden hand machine operation on the control panel of each key, the lock and the other one hand mold area within the scope of work or make any contact with any moving parts on the machine, absolutely prohibited operating a machine: (two people -- one person operating a machine control panel on the key, and the other one in the clamping area within the scope of operation, or are in contact with movement of the parts) 8, horizontal injection molding machine operation: when the door opens must confirm block sets in the mould stop position automatically, do not move the bumper. Stop or bumper cover, mould opening when the machine stop not to stop bit, mechanical safety device is not effective, to understand its key. 9, check the machine safety operation: the machine is in manual state, press mode button, let the machine completely open mold to the end position, then observe whether machine mould opening position is in the position of the set, if open mould exceeds the end position, the mechanical have help fault, the machine can't work; Machine in manual state, press mode locking, the complete machine clamping ( To the clamping end location) And then press the machine before the middle red sharp increase switch, the machine is to make mould, mould to set position; Or semi-automatic machine, start the motor, with his hands at the same time, according to the two clamping plane front button ( Each side one, and green) Fast clamping machine, when the clamping is mould in slow motion, loosen your hands, according to the plane quickly before the middle button ( Red, sharp increase switch) Clamping shall be terminated immediately, and mould opening machine to make quick action, that is close to a fully open to the end position, if press the jump button, clamping no immediate termination and continue to die, then immediately shut down the motor, the machine stops working for repairs. Machines are equipped with a clamping sensor, let the machine electricity, starter motor, and respectively press electric heating, die, die key, make mould to set position, and then with a thing, be careful on the clamping induction zone induction lights shine, another hand according to the mode locking switch, should clamping no action at this moment, meet don't die, or with a first clamping switch, the machine slowly closing down, then another hand holding objects, be careful on the induction of clamping zone should be terminated clamping, mould opening and machines to make quick action, make the completely open to the end position of modules is close, can normal use, otherwise downtime repair. 10, in check the machine, or do any work on the machine and parts in clicking any movement, pressure electrical parts before, be sure to remember that security operations, you must first cut off the power of the oil pump motor to ensure safety. 11, when chut mouth ( Nozzle) Are forward of your position ( Down) , not with removal of the nozzle ( Nozzle) Should stop salivate resin injection and iron tongs ( Clip) Kind of tool to clear, not to direct to operate by hand. 12, stop at the completion of work or when sudden power failure, for reasons of safety and protection of electric equipment should switch off the power supply. Remember: do not perform the above set of operational procedures, may result in serious danger and produce machine fault.
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