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Interpretation of the injection molding machine pull not open mould

by:Hisson     2020-04-02
We know that the plastic injection machine mould force far less clamping force, so the ultimate cause of the failure of the mould is open mold resistance is greater than the mould. Practice open mold can generally is the following several ways: first: injection molding machine factory when clamping the mechanical origin of improper adjustment. Is too high, cause institutions jammed, if often can't open mold, to doubt this aspect, looking for factory to set-up. The second: stuck or institutions. For the old machine is not the first case to doubt this kind of situation. In general, the clamping force adjustment is too large, such as tuned to 1700 kg and other bad habits, such as long time don't open mold, system degeneration and other bad habits. This problem is ultimately technician adjust machine habits problem, parameter problem. Solution very troublesome, to tear down or loose nut on the cross rod third: clamping cylinder oil seal oil spill damage, caused the actual cavity pressure, for this reason it's no use looking down pressure gauge, check down the cylinder. Fourth: open mold electromagnetic valve core movement, or stuck, valve core is not in place. Processing method is to dismantle solenoid valve inspection. Fifth: see parameter design whether appropriate, if pressure is not big enough. Sixth: the clamping system lubrication may have a problem. Check the maintenance. Open mode is more annoying problem in production, not often, but the time will take a long time to deal with. Preventive measures: in order to prevent open mould, must complete the following precautions: 1. Correct calculation of clamping force, not the bigger the better. 2. Outage time never remain high voltage clamping, remember to remember. 3. One thousand clamping state power, to be handled in time, time is long also not to point to loose cross nut. 4. Regularly check machine oil, cannot impurity iron block solenoid valve. 5. Check the clamping system and smooth, not broken oil lead to guide rod thorn.
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