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Introduction to plastic injection molding machine manufacturer, motor put tail treatment!

by:Hisson     2020-11-19
Introduction to plastic injection molding machine manufacturer, motor put tail treatment! Mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturer today with everyone together to find out when there was a plastic vertical injection molding machine, motor put tail processing method, we should be how to deal with it, to observe whether there is a problem somewhere? The first step we first observe whether appear when listening to melt different sound. If a different sound could be bearing is broken. We need to stop the machine immediately, to replace the bearing. The second step is to observe whether the shaft has a swing, is likely to be inclined ball bearing improper adjustment. Need to adjust the gap, in the injection molding. The third step is we need to separate the screw observe the rotation of the shaft, see if the screw in the deformation. Is it to replace the screw. Fourth is likely to be shot behind the plate copper ring wear 2 guide rod deformation or fixed screw loose. Observe the junior set beside have junior copper set of copper powder grinding out. In general screening in the fourth step should be shot behind the plate copper set of vertical injection molding machine is broken, to replace copper sleeve. Above is our injection molding machine manufacturer, Machinery) Bring a little experience. We focus on vertical injection molding machine in 16 years, friends in need can be login website
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