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Knowledge sharing injection molding machine commissioning acceptance inspection before

by:Hisson     2020-04-12
As equipment management personnel and equipment operators, in the equipment acceptance check for the first time, some seriously, carefully in accordance with the requirements for equipment manual content of detailed verification. Because, through this time for acceptance of the equipment, also is his own for the understanding, familiar with the operation and performance of the equipment and the process of understanding. After commissioning acceptance check, can be carried out in accordance with the following requirements. 1, verify whether above the rated voltage of injection molding machine and workshop power supply voltage is the same. 2, check the button, operating handle, hand wheel, and electric circuit is damaged; Is there a manual, submachine guns and manual operation control; The handle shall be in the 'off' position. About 3, exit slide is flexible, and limit switch contact, how is accurate and reliable. 4, to the pressure oil, mold and the barrel of the cooling water pipe, the specification is 19 mm ( ¾”) ; Check the input and output of joint is correct; Water pressure should be control at 0. 2 to 0. Between 6 mpa. Water test shall be smooth, no leakage phenomenon. 5, check the quality of the hydraulic oil and liquid surface elevation, such as oily dirt should be replaced. Clean the replacement of hydraulic oil as follows. 一个。 Tank to remove debris and dust. b。 Cleaning tank above the filter screen. c。 Open the tank of the upper oil discharge mouth, eliminate the old oil. d。 With the new hydraulic oil tank cleaning once again ( Note: your old and new oil mixture) 。 e. Oil injection. Through the filter of oil to the oil level of oil quantity display the highest position. Watch: when driving the hydraulic oil level must not be lower than the lower limit of oil measuring meter. 6, check gas lubrication system. Injection molding machine in general have a central lubrication system manually. Should be within the lubricating oil tank filled with oil, and then pull the hand several times, let all lubricating oil tube filled with lubricating oil. If the recovery unit of lubricating oil found oil with water or impurities, should be expelled, lubricating oil and cleaning lubricating system, clean again after the new lubricating oil. In addition, other lubrication points with nozzle position should be filled with lubricating oil. 4 tension rod clamping parts should be clean, surface to keep oil film; Adjustable die with screw thread parts should add grease. Suggestion: hydraulic oil with mobil DTE25 anti-wear hydraulic oil or use shell ShellTel - Ius0il68 lubricating oil. Lubricating oil with 32 - No. 68 or mobil gear oil SHC220. Grease with ordinary lithium base grease or 3 OO, molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease. 7, whether above detection templates location hole size and specifications, with the same given in table 1. Table 1 above template positioning hole diameter and the nozzle the sphere/mm8, electrical machinery and equipment should have ground wire, ground wire resistance is not less than 10 Ω, and marked with protective earthing symbol. 9, electric conduction should be able to bear 1500 v, 50 hz ac sine wave, after 1 min experiments and therefore no breakdown or flashover phenomenon. 10, electrical device not grounding of electrical insulation resistance shall be not less than IMfl. 11, test for a safe and reliable electric heating system, and barrel cylindrical contact should be tight. 12, detect the screw and barrel of the actual assembly clearance, screw down when necessary, detection of outer diameter of the screw and barrel inner diameter of the actual size. Screw and barrel assembly clearance should comply with the regulations of table 2.
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