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Knowledge sharing of injection molding machine breakdown maintenance

by:Hisson     2020-04-01
Without any schematic conditions to the circuit board of a relatively new injection molding machine repair, before the so-called 'experience' to have a as, although hardware strength deep confidence in maintenance, but if the improper method, work up the wasted effort. So, what can you do to improve the maintenance efficiency? On the basis of long-term injection molding machine maintenance experience, summed up the should follow the following steps, according to the order in an orderly way. Pieces pieces pieces method one: look at the amount after use tools: multimeter, magnifying glass � when holding a piece of circuit board of repair injection molding machine, good habits is the visual response to their first, and when necessary and with the aid of a magnifying glass, see what? � basically see: 1, if there is a disconnection; 2, discrete components such as resistors, electrolytic capacitor, inductor, diode, triode, etc when disconnection phenomenon; � 3 if there is a fracture, injection molding machine, circuit boards, PCB line, adhesion, etc. ; 4, if anyone had repaired? What are the components move? If there is a virtual welding, welding and insert the operation error; After confirmed by repairing the parts without the condition, first injection molding machine is measured with a multimeter circuit board between power supply and ground resistance, if the value is too small, only several or a dozen ohms, there are components on printed circuit boards that injection molding machine was breakdown or part of a breakdown, breakdown of components must be taken to be find out. The concrete measures to be repair circuit board power supply, with the hand to touch the temperature of the injection molding machine circuit boards each device, hot will be the key suspect. If the resistance is normal, resistance on the plate is measured with a multimeter, diodes, transistors, field effect tube, dial section switch, such as discrete component, its purpose is to first to make sure that the measured element is normal, our reason is that can use the multimeter to solve the problem, don't complicate it. Pieces inside the mixer method 2: after the first use tools: circuit online maintenance instrument if circumstances allow, it is best to find a good board and the maintenance board as a reference, and then use the twin rod VI curve scanning function of good and bad two boards for contrast test, the starting point of contrast can begin from the port, and then, its excellent contrast test, especially for capacitance can make up the drawback of the multimeter online if it is difficult to measure the leakage. Pieces � method 3: after the first easy pieces to use tools: circuit maintenance, soldering iron, marker � online to improve the effect of the test, before on injection molding machine circuit board function test online, do some technical processing to be board, to try to weaken the negative effects of various interference on the test process. Specific measures are: 1, the preparation before the test � will short-circuit, crystals of large electrolytic capacitors to weld under a foot to make it open, because the capacitor charge and discharge can also bring interference. 2, using functional testing device in the process of the online test or compared to the device, all the test pass ( Or more normal) Device, please confirm test results directly, in order to record; The test failed, Or more super poor) Test, but again, if still failed, also can make sure the test result, test so had been down until the device test on the board ( Or more) Finished, and then come back to deal with those who did not pass the test, Or more super poor) The device. Does not pass the functional online testing device, instrument also provides a less formal but more practical processing method, because the equipment for injection molding machine circuit board of the power supply can be applied to the corresponding power supply device with the test and the anchor, power on the device implementation of blade to cut feet, this device will be out of the plastic injection machine circuit board power supply system, when the device is online again functional testing, due to the injection molding machine circuit boards of other devices will not cause interference, the actual test results is equal to 'offline', the measuring accuracy will be greatly improved. 3, with ASA - VI curve scanning test library has not been covered by the components of the test comparison test � because of ASA - VI intelligent curve scanning technology can suitable for any comparison test devices, as long as the testing clamp device can be clamped, have a reference board, through the contrast test, also have strong ability of fault detection to the device. This function makes up for the functional test is subject to test library online device, expand the instrument for injection molding machine of circuit board fault detection range. In reality often appear unable to find a good board for reference, and the circuit structure of unattended board itself without any symmetry, in this case, the ASA - VI curve scanning the comparison test function, and function of online test due to the incomplete device testing library, unable to complete each device on the injection molding machine PCB test again, injection molding machine PCB still can't repair, here is the limited circuit online instrument maintenance, just like no cure-all medicine. Four pieces method: first pieces after static dynamic mixer with circuit online instrument maintenance currently only device of injection molding machine circuit boards function online test and static characteristic analysis, whether to pass the engine test completely fixed, therefore, when the test is a good idea to check the equipment power supply is properly supplied to the injection molding machine circuit boards as required.
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