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Liquid silicone injection molding machine in the health-care industry

by:Hisson     2020-10-11
Silicone injection molding liquid silicone rubber in the medical industry it has the ability to save for a long time and the service life of the characteristics of chemical inertness and heat resistance, although containing liquid silicone rubber casting parts can indefinitely save, but mechanical or suggest materials should be carried out in six months or so for the best, although the mold work suggested that the longest storage time is 3 years. Based on these made of durable medical equipment greatly extend its service life. Make the terminal customers and manufacturers have benefit a lot. Because there are some customers they are allergic to some plastic performance, liquid silicone rubber with low sensitivity. Liquid silicone rubber does not contain phthalates in PVC, the plasticizer was found in the experiment can disrupt endocrine system and reproductive and nervous system injury. So show the different preference for medical devices industry. As for product use for medical devices industry deepening cognition of medical material, liquid silicone rubber unique special performance extend its application range. With these features are more widely known, new application and expanding field in driving the liquid silicone rubber is more widely used in medical equipment. Liquid silicone injection molding machine is developed, along with the liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine for full computer control, measurement precision, mixed evenly; With the method of static mixer static pressure injection, configuration of hydraulic or pneumatic control nozzle, plate, injection pipe and the nozzle is equipped with cooling water channel; Cleaning convenience simple, reduce the waste of manpower and material. Convenience products supplier, also sped up the need to pick up speed. Makes everyone benefits. Mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is not only the liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine, we also offer: vertical injection molding machine, injection molding machine, single and double skateboard, connectors, special injection molding machine, C type injection molding machine, spark plug in the injection molding machine, mobile phone box dedicated injection molding machine and so on. Focus on vertical injection molding machine production, trust pass ten years. There is demand friend can log on to our website to know more.
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