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Maintenance and cleaning of the injection molding machine injection molding machine nozzle

by:Hisson     2020-12-06
When there is even a stain products in different places, it shows that is by the gate along the nozzle channel or the mould flow of colored residue, at this point we should check how to deal with the nozzle cleaning? Next by injection molding machine factory for you about the injection molding machine nozzle of relevant methods of maintenance and cleaning. General cleaning process is as follows: ( 1) Before cleaning, high thermal stability should be adopted for polyolefin resin or cylinder cleaning materials, cleaning the residual liquid inside the cylinder ( The air injection several times) ( 2) The injection device back to the last end position. ( 3) Close the cylinder heating system, the heating ring joint plug and thermocouple connector. ( 4) Remove the cylinder cover. ( 5) The screw moves to the front ( Manual operation) ( 6) Shut off the main power supply. ( 7) Loosen the cylinder before the fastening screw, remove the front cylinder and the nozzle. In order to prevent burns, in the process of operation should wear protective gloves and safety glasses. ( 8) From mouth to mouth lateral material between the lining and drip into the thread demoulding agent, remove the residual melt inside the nozzle, brass wire brush to clean the nozzle, before the machine barrel, and then use gauze to clean up the surface polishing wipe gently. Method of residual material if I clean up, can use oven to soften its heat, take out clean. At the same time, should check whether there is any damage on the screw head. ( 9) After the clean up, back pack each piece. The above content is made by injection molding machine factory to sort out relevant knowledge about injection molding machine nozzle, hope to be of help.
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