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Manual injection molding machines vs electric injection molding machines


Manual polishing and maintenance of injection molds

In order to obtain high-quality polishing results, the most important thing is to have high-quality polishing tools and accessories such as whetstone, sandpaper and diamond abrasive paste. The most important thing is a polished working environment, which requires a clean room. The choice of polishing program depends on the surface condition after the previous processing, such as machining, EDM, grinding and so on.

Matters needing attention in manual polishing of injection molds

Pay attention to the following points when polishing with sandpaper:

(1) Polishing with sandpaper requires the use of a soft wood or bamboo stick. When polishing round or spherical surfaces, the use of cork rods can better match the arc of the round and spherical surfaces. Harder bars, like cherry wood, are more suitable for polishing flat surfaces. Trim the ends of the wooden strip to keep it in line with the shape of the surface of the steel. This can prevent the sharp angle of the wooden strip (or bamboo strip) from contacting the surface of the steel and causing deep scratches.

(2) When changing to different types of sandpaper, the polishing direction should be changed from 45 ° to 90 °. The streaks and shadows left after polishing the sandpaper of the previous type can be distinguished.

Before changing the different types of sandpaper, the polishing surface must be carefully wiped with a cleaning solution such as 100% cotton moistened with alcohol, because a small grit left on the surface will destroy the entire polishing process. This cleaning process is also important when changing from sandpaper polishing to diamond polishing. All particles and kerosene must be completely cleaned before polishing continues.

(3) In order to avoid abrasions and burns on the workpiece surface, special care must be taken when polishing with # 1200 and # 1500 sandpaper. It is necessary to load a light load and polish the surface using a two-step polishing method. When polishing with each type of sandpaper, polishing should be performed twice in two different directions, with each rotation between 45 ° and 90 °.

injection molding machine manufacturers recommend electric injection molding machines

    The development of injection molding machines can be described as changing with each passing day, and the dazzling array of new products on the market currently makes us wonder how to choose. Today, injection molding machine manufacturers recommend a cost-effective injection molding machine-electric injection molding machine.

    Electric injection molding machine is a very popular equipment abroad, which has the following advantages:

    1. Reduce energy consumption by 30% to 70%;

    2. Improve the dimensional accuracy and repeatability of the product. For example, the dimensional accuracy of the product can be controlled within ±0.0001 inches, and scrap can be reduced;

    3. The injection speed is increased to 800mm/s to obtain a faster clamping speed;

    4. With faster response time, acceleration or deceleration can be started within 0.2 milliseconds;

    5. Speed up the connection between screw recovery and mold clamping, and the processing cycle can be shortened by 20%;

    6. The process of waiting for the oil temperature to rise is eliminated, and the stable operation mode can be reached faster;

    7. Low maintenance requirements, eliminating the cleaning and maintenance procedures of hydraulic oil;

    8. Low noise operation (less than 65 decibels);

    9. The operating environment is clean (no oil pollution), and medical products and electronic products can be processed by injection.


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