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Matters needing attention before sharing injection molding machine mold

by:Hisson     2020-05-02
1 mould length, mould length less than elder brother Lin Zhu interval can be put into the mould smoothly, if the mould length is greater than the elder brother Lin Zhu interval, if the elder brother of the width and height of the mould at the same time is less than the machine Lin Zhu interval, turn 90 degrees in the die in turn back can also, but we don't agree with this method. 2, positioning ring to fit into the machine location hole location ring diameter is good. �0�2( General selection positioning hole diameter than the machine - 0. 2毫米) 。 � � 0 23, the largest open mold from the mold in the fully open case, its open distance less than the maximum of the machine can only be from production, some mould installed, found the problem, will replace short some outside link, if the product can also be smoothly stripping, but some of the products in a shorter outside link could not be stripping smoothly, or have bad problems, such as bruised, so can't production. 4, maximum and minimum modulus of thick confirm hydraulic press for pressure type, so the maximum modulus of thick distance, is the largest open mode, maximum modulus of thick generally there is no problem. � � 0 2 other than direct pressure type such as motor, mould height less than the machine maximum modulus of thick to install the mould. Minimum modulus thickness are all the same, the mould height is greater than the minimum modulus thick to install the mould. 5, the largest travel straight machine pressure type of the largest open mold, mould opening is the biggest distance minus the mould height, so it is a variable's value and vary with the height of the mould. � � 2 � � 2 � 0 0 0 � 2 � � 2 � � 2 � 0 0 0 � 2 bent elbow type forming machine is the biggest mould stroke a fixed value, according to the molding machine models have different values. 6, ejection device plunger diameter less than the diameter of the mould plunger hole. � � 0 2 out of effective length, namely from plane to completely out of the machine plate length, should be greater than the distance of product when stripping out smoothly. Number and the location of the push rod to match the mold. 7, pumping mouth mold pumping mouth nozzle R R than machines, generally is about 2 mm is better. � � 0 2 mould pumping mouth diameter slightly larger than the machine nozzle aperture, to make the mainstream way smooth demoulding. 8, measuring stroke machine has a certain measurement, according to products weight or volume calculation required when confirm measurement, general is to control the over 20%, less than 70% is better, of course also can produce smaller and larger, but whether it has an adverse effect on product or on the machine.
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