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Need to pay attention to the point of vertical injection molding machine run time

by:Hisson     2020-07-14
Vertical injection molding machine in the process of running there will be several aspects directly affect the product's forming, the temperature is one of the aspects. In terms of temperature, die temperature, oil temperature and material temperature had these a few the influence of temperature on the product shape has certain, with injection molding machine manufacturer is to know about the below. 1. Oil temperature: vertical injection molding machine is running, because the movement of the equipment, will make the interior of the vertical injection molding machine hydraulic oil mutual friction heat, caused the oil temperature rise. In the production process, to check the oil temperature, oil temperature is normal in 45 degrees Celsius, in the process of injection molding machine production, the oil temperature is too high or too low will cause stress. 2. Material temperature: the temperature is the temperature of the cylinder, is by the material used for the product, and product requirements to decide, the process of production need to adjust according to the actual requirements, temperature cannot exceed the relevant requirements. 3. Die temperature: vertical injection molding machine mold temperatures is also an important parameter of the temperature effects on the performance of the product is bigger, so be sure to consider a good time. Above about injection molding machine manufacturer is introduced the attention points, do you have to understand clearly?
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