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by:Hisson     2020-01-16

The maintenance work of injection molding machine must understand the operation method of the equipment and have some basic knowledge of injection molding, and can correctly use vertical injection molding machine. If you do not know how to operate the vertical injection molding machine, the maintenance work is very difficult to judge the fault and may not be reliable. The circuit board and electrical components in the vertical injection molding machine are temporarily affected by high temperature, environment, time and other factors, the working point of the components is offset, and the aging level of the components is within the normal range. Therefore, debugging vertical injection molding machine is also one of the essential basic skills in maintenance work. It is very important to understand the working sequence of vertical injection molding machine and debug the electronic circuit and hydraulic oil circuit of vertical injection molding machine. As for the injection molding machine, the mold should be processed twice after the mold is tested and the finished product is stable.  After the mold is closed at a slow speed, the mold closing pressure should be adjusted and moved several times to see if there is any phenomenon of uneven mold closing pressure, in order to avoid burrs and mold deformation of the finished product. After the above steps are checked, turn down the die closing speed and die closing pressure, set the safety buckle Rod and ejection stroke, and then turn up the normal die closing and die closing speed. If the limiting switch of * * * stroke is involved, the mold opening stroke should be adjusted slightly shorter, and the high-speed mold opening action should be cut off before the mold opening * * * stroke. This is because the high-speed action stroke is longer than the low-speed one during the whole mold opening stroke during mold loading. On the plastic machine, the mechanical top rod must also be adjusted to work after the full-speed mold opening action, so as not to deform the thimble plate or the stripping plate under stress. Please check the following items before making the first injection: whether the feeding schedule is too long or insufficient. Whether the pressure is too high or too low. Whether the filling speed is too fast or too slow. Whether the processing cycle is too long or too short. In order to be accurate, reliable and timely in maintenance work, the contents in the operating instructions of various types of vertical injection molding machines must be studied and mastered.  In the general maintenance process of vertical injection molding machines, the maintenance idea is usually circuit-Oil circuit-Action of mechanical parts. The adjustment work is in turn. Injection molding machine to prevent short shot, fracture, deformation, burrs and even damage to the mold. If the processing cycle is too short, the thimble will penetrate the finished product or peel the ring to crush the finished product. This kind of situation may take you two or three hours to take out the finished product. If the processing cycle is too long, the thin part of the die core may be broken due to the tightening of the rubber. Of course, it is impossible for you to predict all the problems that may occur during the mold testing process, but full consideration and timely measures made in advance will certainly help you avoid serious and expensive losses. The main steps of the model test are to find out * * * temperature and pressure conditions in order to avoid unnecessary waves during mass production, and to formulate standard model test procedures, which can be used to establish daily working methods. Check whether the plastic material in the barrel is correct and whether it is baked according to regulations ,( If different raw materials are used for mold testing and production, different results are likely to be obtained). The cleaning of the material pipe should be thorough to prevent the inferior glue or miscellaneous materials from being injected into the mold, because the inferior glue and miscellaneous materials may jam the mold ※. Test whether the temperature of the material pipe and the temperature of the mold are suitable for processing raw materials. About the characteristics of injection molding machine: vertical injection molding machine is also known as vertical injection molding machine or vertical injection molding machine. It is the main molding equipment for making plastic products of various shapes by using plastic molding dies for thermoplastic or thermosetting materials. Vertical injection molding machine consists of injection system, mold closing system, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system, etc. For different plastics, injection molding machines have different structures and densities, so for the net weight of products, generally, the net weight of the product is not more than 80% and not less than 20% of the injection quantity of the injection molding machine * * * compared with the water-bearing mouth of the injection molding machine. Have you mastered the selection of vertical injection molding machines introduced by injection molding machine manufacturers? Vertical injection molding machine high-precision plastic mold design method about vertical injection molding machine purchase, 'vertical injection molding machine high-precision plastic mold design method for plastic parts, mold design is very important, especially for high-precision plastic parts, the small error of the mold may cause the molded parts to be scrapped, thus causing losses.  Today, our injection molding machine manufacturer's machinery and you briefly introduce when it is necessary to inject high-precision plastic parts and the shrinkage rate that is difficult to grasp, the following methods can be used for mold design: the outer diameter of the plastic parts of the vertical injection molding machine should be smaller and the inner diameter should be larger, leaving room for correction after the mold test.                                

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