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Novice to learn the operation regulation of injection molding machine, 5 minutes can you believe that?

by:Hisson     2020-04-10
5 minutes learn to injection molding machine injection molding machine operation procedures, carefully check before starting the power supply and control system, cooling system, to see if it is normal, add lubricant, as required by ( Spin) Button is in the correct position, and, according to the requirement of test run. Second, the correct install the mold in injection molding machine. Three, the raw material need dry, should be within the oven drying by the regulation. 4, check the raw material color conform to product requirements. Five, set the variable parameters, and according to the specific situation of the die set, clamping and various parameters, such as until the mold running normally and smoothly and safety. Six, set cylinder paragraphs temperature, preheat machine tools. Seven, the material temperature, mold temperature to the expected parameters ( Requirements) , to note, of row material, material flow and observation, until its smooth, colour and lustre is uniform. Eight, setting parameters such as feed rate, injection speed, the holding point, when feeding carefully check whether there is impurities and inclusions inside the cylinder, it is forbidden to hard metals into the cylinder. Nine, should pay attention to the temperature at any time during the process of operation, the change of the pressure, if discovery is unusual, should stop, turn the power off by the machine part to carry on the repair, use after recovery. Ten, if you have any questions in the self-inspection or find products and samples should diverge from suspend production, timely report the analyst or monitor. Eleven, injection workers should every 1 hour to collect a sample, and correspondingly markers placed in the same batch of products. Twelve, wipe, lubrication mold at least twice per shift production, to ensure that the mold inside and outside clean, lubrication is normal. After the operation should clean up the cylinder scrap, cleaning the floor, close the injection molding machine as required. Thirteen, often should check the oven temperature, high temperature drying of avoid by all means. In the process of operation should pay attention to safety, shall not be arbitrarily remove safety devices. 14, after work should be cut off power supply and switch machine, and machine tool maintenance and health work.
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