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Of the fully electric injection molding machine injection molding machine factory has what good performance?

by:Hisson     2020-11-14
In their daily use of fully electric injection molding machine, we must understand its good performance, so as to better operating machinery. So, the next by injection molding machine factory for you to introduce what are its relevant excellent properties. A, from production efficiency: all electric injection molding machine of servo motor of strong recommend suite ( Can I get to 4000 r. p。 m) In manufacturing high precision complex products, low weight deviation and high qualified rate of products can not simple synchronous overlap steps, like open mould as well as charging and ejection step, hence its production efficiency is increased, but hydraulic press are usually can not overlap steps, production efficiency will be lower than the fully electric injection molding machine. 2, will tell from the price performance ratio: the whole hydraulic press manufacture cost is not high, but energy consumption is not small, if the use of variable pump and equipped with inverter can achieve the effect of energy saving, full hydraulic press organic can knuckle and direct pressure type for the user, especially for the production of large, high clamping force injection molding machine has many advantages, but all electric injection molding machine has the advantages of energy saving, water saving, high performance, operation cost is not high also, short processing cycle, the efficiency is not low, but the manufacturing cost is very high, and few varieties ( Now only organic knuckle) , the motor drive mechanism of control, not in high clamping force equipment. Finally, the injection molding machine factory is pointed out that the size of the whole hydraulic press with its international standards, a large number of manufacturers components can swap, maintenance is convenient, the cost will not do; But the whole motor servo motor and its drive many manufacturers still have difference, self repair complex, maintenance costs low.
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