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Of vertical injection molding machine manipulator problem how repair

by:Hisson     2020-09-20
Here today by vertical injection molding machine factory for you about the problem how to repair the mechanical arm. Overview: 1, in die manipulator switch off line, touch a little bit of spark, connected to the manipulator movement is ok, but not clamping machine, other action, pressure flow meter has showed that is not action, the manipulator with a special connector nipple need not, or cannot close mode 2, leakage is expected to make the heating circle touch line out sparks, handle later manipulator operation board does not display, mechanical switch is what caused the failure of electricity. What should I do? Answer: based on the description, mechanical arm no action is obviously problems caused by the control system, forget trying to reason now put forward the following several aspects. 1. Check the electromagnetic valve whether insurance burned. 2. Check whether the electromagnetic valve relay failure. 3. Check to see if the circuit has a lot of leakage
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