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On vertical injection molding machine feeding way is introduced

by:Hisson     2021-01-11
With the use of plastic products, the demand of vertical injection molding machine also continue to increase, to say the vertical injection molding machine field is very broad, today we are vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to introduce feeding way of vertical injection molding machine for you. General of vertical injection molding machine for there are three kinds of charging ways: after charging, charging and fixed before charging. Normally when loading is in accordance with the nozzle and the situation of the material to choose. 1. Charging: before injection is completed, plasticizing after reaching to the requirements of plastic, plastic back, until the next work cycle and to go forward, make contact injection nozzle and mould, this way of charging for the nozzle temperature not easy control and high back pressure and prevent backflow. 2. Charging: after injection of complete injection is back, before piasticising, stay at the beginning of the next work cycle, injection to proceed injection. This method is used for the nozzle temperature is not easy to control and processing clean plastic. 3. Fixed feeding: in the whole process of injection molding, spray nozzle and mould has maintained contact. This method is suitable for the nozzle temperature easy to control and plastic molding has a wide temperature range. Feeding way for vertical injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine manufacturers machinery is introduced here, to learn more about the knowledge of the vertical injection molding machine, please enter the url: /.
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