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Only when the vertical injection molding machine clamping mould action how to deal with?

by:Hisson     2020-07-11
Only when the vertical injection molding machine clamping mould action how to deal with? In our usual for vertical injection molding machine injection activities will certainly encounter clamping mould opening only action, when encountered this kind of circumstance how to deal with? Directly to find repairman, and seem a bit too much trouble, today we mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to bring a method to solve. Let's find out! Only when appear vertical injection molding machine clamping mould opening gesture, first we'll go to check whether it is a wrong line, and then check for 24 VDC to the valve, it is possible that a wrong line, also found that there was a problem during the inspection line can be directly connected the line up. Second, it is possible that vertical injection molding machine the wrong card valve or valve core, check whether the valve core is wrong, or congestion, again to install valve core or clean the valve core. Under normal circumstances the lock mode movement is motionless.
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