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Open mold and die of injection molding machine, clear to ensure safety

by:Hisson     2020-04-06
Open model control: when the molten plastic injection into the mold cavity and cooling is completed, as is the open action, take out the products. Mould process has three phases. First stage slowly open mould, prevent the parts inside the cavity. The second phase rapid mould, mould opening to shorten time. The third stage slow open mould, mould opening to reduce the impact caused by the inertia and vibration. Clamping control: clamping at great mechanical thrust will die together tightly, to resist the molten plastic injection molding process of high pressure injection and filling mold to mold the dramatic Zhang Kaili. Shut door, all the travel switch signal, clamping action immediately. First is dynamic template with a slow start, move forward after a short distance, the original pressure control lever of the slow switch off, activity board turn to move forward quickly. In advance to near the clamping end point, the control rod at the other end of the lever and pressure on the slow switch, activity board at this time he turned to slow and low pressure. In the process of low pressure clamping, if there is no obstacle between the mould, can be closed smoothly to pressure on the high voltage switch, high pressure is to straighten machine hinge to complete the clamping action. The distance very short, usually only 0. 3 to 1. 0 mm, just turn to high pressure soon hit a clamping end limit switch, action to stop at this moment, moulding process is over. Injection molding machine clamping structure has a full hydraulic and mechanical connecting rod type. Whether it's the kind of structure form, and finally by the connecting rod completely straight to the implementation of clamping force. Extended process of connecting rod is a process of activities plate and tail plate open, is also the course of the four tension rod stress is tensile. The size of the clamping force, from close tight model of instantaneous oil pressure gauge rises high, clamping force is high and high oil pressure gauge, the opposite of low. A small injection molding machine is without clamping hydraulic table, then according to the connecting rod straight situation to determine whether the mould is really tight. If an injection molding machine clamping connecting rod easily when unbend, or 'a little' failed to straighten, or a few articulated connecting rod have a pair of not completely straight, can appear when injection expansion mode, parts will appear flash or other problems.
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