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Daily maintenance manual for injection molding machines (I)

by:Hisson     2020-01-14

Different models of injection molding machines naturally have different maintenance methods. Bole plastic machine has many series of injection molding machines, of which EK series hydraulic servo energy-saving injection molding machines are the most widely used. The hydraulic servo energy-saving injection molding machine consists of machinery, hydraulic pressure, electrical appliances, special accessories, etc. , which are organically combined according to the needs of injection molding process technology, with high degree of automation and close correlation. The injection molding machine can run continuously for 3 shifts and 24 hours.  If a component of the injection molding machine fails, it will lead to shutdown and bring losses to the enterprise. However, although the production operation of the injection molding machine is simple and there are few workers, the daily management and maintenance of the injection molding machine have high technical content and heavy workload. In order to ensure that the injection molding machine is in good condition for a long time, it is necessary to strengthen the daily management of the injection molding machine and strictly control the failure rate of the injection molding machine, so as to reduce the maintenance cost and prolong the service life of the equipment. Check before use 1. Inspection of oil quantity in oil tank: make sure it is within the oil quantity standard. 2. Check whether there are obstacles around the equipment. All parts of the machine are filled with machine oil 4. Check the temperature control system. Check in use 1. The overflow valve is adjusted to the minimum pressure when starting. 2. Check and adjust the adjustment pressure of the relief valve: whether it is continuous and uniform, and then adjust to the set pressure after everything is normal. 3. Inspection of oil pump, oil shell and Electromagnet: oil temperature 20 degrees- 50 degrees is normal, the pump shell temperature is 10 degrees higher than room temperature-30 degrees is also normal. 4. Oil spill check. 5. Noise and vibration inspection. 6. Pressure gauge inspection. 7. Check the working condition of electrical components and the reliability of safety devices. 8. Whether the fastening nut screws of each machine column and oil cylinder components are loose. Check after shutdown 1. Check the oil level of the oil tank. 2. Check all hydraulic components. 3. The position of each valve handle should be restored to the positions of 'pressure relief', 'stop' and 'retreat. 4. Check whether the control switch button and electrical components are loose and sensitive. 5. Add lubricating oil to the moving part of the machine column and the oil bearing. 6. Turn off the power and do a safe job. The operators of the injection molding machine equipment carry out routine inspection and maintenance of the equipment before, during and after the machine is used, which is helpful to improve the production efficiency, regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the machine, thus saving the company's cost, reducing or avoiding accidents and eliminating hidden dangers. Bole is committed to continuous innovation on the premise of ensuring product performance and quality, using the latest technology to make the quality meet European standards, and at the same time is committed to improving the core competitiveness of customers and eliminating hidden dangers before accidents. As long as the injection molding machine is maintained every day according to the above steps and methods, we believe that our injection molding machine equipment will greatly improve the work efficiency and service life of the injection molding machine.                                

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