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How to do a good job in workshop management of injection molding machines?

by:Hisson     2020-01-10

 Hisson Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in developing enterprise management software for manufacturing industries such as mold manufacturing, mechanical assembly, electronic appliances and pharmaceutical flowers customized by enterprise companies. The system mainly uses the manufacturing execution system, which is often called MES, as the core.  It can integrate many other software, such as common ERP, CRM, etc. Reasonable planning is the primary task of any economic management work.  All production plans need a detailed production plan, which is a target guide for each work. Able to help staff arrange work reasonably. The plan of workshop management can only be determined first by formulating the activity objectives of the whole workshop and the economic indicators of various technologies.  It can occasionally let each prop process let each employee know his own work situation. Then all production links can be coordinated with each other to combine people and equipment to form a completed production system. Supervision and control, supervision is the implementation of various management systems, the implementation of the plan, the implementation of the superior instructions to inspect, supervise, and implement the management activities. Control is to compare the actual implementation with the established goals, plans and standards in the process of implementing plans and carrying out various production and operation activities, find out the gaps and find out the reasons, management activities to take measures. The wireless data acquisition system in the production workshop effectively organizes and directs the work of employees, which will improve the work efficiency a lot, thus ensuring production and better managing the quality of the depth, and make reasonable adjustments to sales. The main work of the Workshop Organization command is to clarify the production objectives of the workshop, establish and improve the management organization and operation paper. Through the organization and system, the use of leadership art, the work of the section and the moderator and the staff into the work, know and supervise, so that the work is more orderly. Production Service production service is also a very important management. Because the production workshop directly produces products, it is necessary to manage and monitor production services. As long as the production encouragement management is a technical guidance, in the production process, if the employees encounter technical problems that they do not understand, they need to conduct skills training in a timely manner. At the same time, if it is difficult to produce, then it is necessary to improve the production process and transform the equipment. Reasonable reward and punishment system we say that only with reward and punishment can the enthusiasm of machine employees be better promoted, and the effect of enterprise business has a great relationship with the reward and punishment system of managers. Managers reward employees who have made contributions, which can be money or other prizes. Can motivate employees, so that employees have the passion to continue to work hard.                                

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