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Original title: introduction to basic knowledge of injection molding machines (I)

by:Hisson     2020-04-27
The common configuration of injection molding machine explains that the temperature control precision of ceramic heating ring and its control heating barrel and nozzle should be high, and the temperature fluctuation of molten materials should be small, thus ensuring the stability of product quality. Ceramic insulated heating rings shall be used for the heating ring of the charging barrel; PID control can be adopted in the control mode; The temperature of precision injection molding machine should be controlled at 0. Between 5 °c. Equipment and mold interface built-in hot runner temperature control system: Composition: PID Temperature Control system SSR (Solid state relay) The fuse ammeter controls the gate opening time to ensure smooth cavity filling and melt flow balance and eliminate weld marks. The vertical single sliding injection molding machine mold occupies a large proportion in the production cost of injection molding enterprises, and its quality is directly related to the quality of products. The service life of the mold directly affects the cost of injection molding products, the stability of the mold is also an important factor to ensure the delivery period of the product. Therefore, ensuring the stability of the injection mold and prolonging its service life can effectively reduce the processing cost of injection molding products processing enterprises and improve the production capacity of each injection molding machine. Mold protector (Monitor)Introduction to the main functions of 1. Confirm the mold cavity, mold core and product residue before closing the mold. Detection of plug-in placement position in molding 3. Vertical single slip injection molding machine 4. Slider position, ejection return position confirmation 5. Plug-In insertion error identification 6. Less ejection, break confirmation, vertical single slip injection molding machine 7. Check whether the product is short of material or burrs. Check whether the multi-point product is missing. Check whether the color mixing of multi-color products is correct. Prevent the occurrence of defective products
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