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Original title: main components of injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-04-18
The structural composition of the injection molding machine has many forms, but no matter which form it belongs to, in order to let it independently complete the molding work of plastic products, it should have the functions of plasticizing raw materials, injection of molten materials, opening and closing of molds, cooling, cooling and curing of products, and taking out products. The following figure shows the side view structure of a common screw injection molding machine, it is mainly composed of plasticizing device, injection device, mold closing device, heating and cooling system, hydraulic system, feeding device, electric control system, lubrication system, safety protection, monitoring and testing, etc. The picture shows: Side View Structure 1 of common screw injection molding machine-Fuselage; 2-Oil pump motor; 3-Clamping cylinder; 4-Fixing plate; 5-Clamping elbow rod; 6-Pull rod; 7-Moving templates; 8 fixed template; 9 One machine is simple; lO-Hopper; 11 A reducer; 12-Electric motor; 13-Injection cylinder, 11-Metering device; 15-The injection seat moves the oil cylinder; 16-Console 1. The plasticizing device consists of main parts such as screw, barrel, screw head and nozzle. The transmission device that drives the screw to rotate can use the motor to drive the screw to rotate and rotate through the gear of the reducer, or the hydraulic motor can directly drive the screw to rotate. 2. The injection device consists of main components such as injection seat, screw moving injection cylinder and injection seat moving oil cylinder. 3. The die-closing device consists of a die-closing device, a die distance adjusting device and a product ejection device. 4. Heating and cooling systems are used for heating and cooling cylinders, nozzles and molding dies. 5. The hydraulic system includes oil pump, hydraulic motor, various control valves, accumulators, coolers, hydraulic oil and cooling water pipelines, etc. 6. The electrical control system includes barrel temperature control, Mold temperature control, action program control of various parts, motor and valve control in hydraulic system, fault detection and alarm control, safety protection monitoring control, etc. 7. The feeding device includes automatic feeding, feeding metering, Hopper mixing and other components.
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