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Selection scheme of injection molding machine cooling tower

by:Hisson     2020-01-05

What is an injection molding machine? Injection molding machine is also called injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the main molding equipment for making plastic products of various shapes by using plastic molding dies for thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics.  It is divided into vertical, horizontal and all-electric types. The injection molding machine can heat the plastic and apply high pressure to the molten plastic to make it exit and fill the mold cavity. Why do injection molding machines use cooling towers? The cold water tower plays a vital role as the peripheral equipment of the injection molding machine.  It not only needs to cool the injection molding mold, but also needs to cool the hydraulic circulation system of the injection molding machine, hydraulic oil running under high pressure will produce high temperature, which will affect the stability of the machine and make the sealing devices of the machine aging too early.  Cooling tower in injection molding industry is essential. Some of the injection molding machines use cooling towers and some use chillers for cooling.  The specific uses of cooling are different. Cooling tower is used to cool injection hydraulic oil and dryer, and ice water machine is used to cool mold and manipulator. Auxiliary Machines for injection molding machines include dryers, mold dehumidifiers, on-site air conditioners, replacement of mold cranes, etc.  Cooling Towers and ice water machine units are also auxiliary machines. The cooling water temperature provided by the cooling tower in summer is 20- About 35 degrees, while the ice water machine provides 6 degrees of ice water for injection molding. From this point of view, chillers are better. The cooling of injection molding machine is mainly divided into two modules: 1. Water is needed for cooling the main mould of injection molding machine; 2. The cooling of the hydraulic oil system in the oil cooler of the injection molding machine itself carries out oil-water separation and convection heat exchange through the cooler; 3. For this reason, the closed cooling tower of Ark fluid company has completely replaced the traditional open cooling tower.  Its main advantages are as follows :(1) Closed cooling tower has low operating cost, electricity saving and water saving, beautiful and reliable structure (The panel is made of metal), Durable (The service life is 15 years); (2)External circulating water mainly uses industrial softened water (Does not contain calcium and magnesium ions); Due to closed circulation, there is no water loss; (3) Using industrial soft water as cooling medium, there will be no scaling phenomenon on the body mold and oil cooler device of the injection molding machine, thus ensuring the long-term high-efficiency operation of the injection molding machine and the production capacity; Use case of injection molding machine: In the early 2010 s, when Wuxi Ark fluid developed and expanded, Ningbo Haisen Plastic Machinery Co. , Ltd.  found our Ark fluid through the introduction of friends in the industry, after many on-site inspections, we chose friendly cooperation and ordered several ark closed cooling towers. In the following years, other subsidiaries of Haitian Plastic Machine also placed orders on Ark fluid many times.  Ark fluid has gradually become the default cooling tower supplier of Haitian Plastic Machine Group. Injection molding machines are the cooling tower suppliers that many factories need to produce heat in the production process and must be used with them.  Who is the most trusted cooling tower supplier in their hearts? There is no doubt that Wuxi Ark Fluid Technology Co. , Ltd.  Ark fluid has cooperated with many customers in the injection molding industry over the years, such as Hunan Donglian electronic technology and Fuma sanitary ware (Zhongshan)Branches and so on. A strong supplier of cooling tower for injection molding machines, of course, chooses Ark fluid! Rich experience in the industry, matching selection is more accurate! After-sales service of cooling tower for injection molding machine: Ningbo Haisen Plastic Machinery Co. , Ltd.  has been using our equipment for a long time, so the later service has also reduced the difficulty, basic guidance and installation, one time is enough, in addition, the quality of our equipment is as good as ever.  We don't need to go to the customer's site in the later period.  At most, we will go to the customer's site when we have normal maintenance and return visit. After going to the site, we will also give a systematic explanation for the later maintenance.  Although the customers are already very familiar with it, we will still give it to the customers formally, the fan needs to be overhauled for half a year to see if there is any wear on the fan belt, whether the fan bearings and Reducer bearings are worn, and whether there is any foreign matter in the water collecting tank.  If there is, it should be cleaned in time to avoid being pumped into the spray pump, damage to the impeller, whether there is scaling in the coil, and whether the nozzle on the spray branch pipe is blocked, all of which will affect the cooling effect of the closed cooling tower, prevent problems before they occur, and prevent customers from seriously affecting production.                                

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