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Special injection molding machine for pipe fittings in pipeline industry

by:Hisson     2020-01-15

In recent years, the market for standardized and standardized production of plastic pipe fittings has developed rapidly. Bole plastic machine is customer-oriented and has successfully developed EKII super-large injection molding machine series for pipe fittings. The large injection volume of EKII series meets the molding requirements of different types of products, reducing color change time and raw materials 1850EKII- 3300EKII power distribution pre-plastic, storage linkage, improve production efficiency, more energy-saving, especially suitable for large gram heavy products with long storage time. EKII double-stage large injection volume ( 2800 EKII, for example, can be equipped with a variety of injection units to meet customer weight requirements) Advantages: solve the problems of difficult color change and carbon deposition of traditional two-stage machines. On March 9, experts and leaders of the plastic pipeline Professional Committee of China Plastics Association visited Hisson Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd..  Accompanied by the chairman of Ningbo Hisson Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., entrepreneurs visited the production workshop, laboratory and exhibition hall of Haisen plastic machine.  Experts and leaders had an in-depth understanding of the innovative spirit, high-performance products and the patent center mold-locking structure of Bole plastic machine. EKII series injection molding machine features, control Flash-- The trimming process is reduced, the labor cost is saved, and the circulation efficiency is improved.  As the central mold-locking structure is not easy to generate mold expansion phenomenon, Flash is not easy to generate in injection molding. Even on old molds used for a period of time, the ability of EK injection molding machine to control flash defects in molding can be shown. Save raw materials-- Directly reduce the cost of production materials, because it is not easy to produce Flash during molding, reducing the waste of raw materials. Moreover, the center of the mold is stressed, so that the product density is uniform. After years of testing, we have come to the conclusion that EK series injection molding machines can reduce 80% for more than 2% of molds-3% raw materials. Protect the mold-- The service life of the mold is prolonged, the center of the mold is stressed and uniform, and deformation is not easy to occur, which can better protect the mold and prolong the service life of the mold. In many industries such as automobiles, household appliances and electronics, the cost of molds may even exceed that of injection molding machines themselves. Protecting the mold and prolonging its service life are also obvious and significant cost savings. ? EKII super large injection machine for PP/HDPE/PE . . . . The plastic is optimized to solve the problems of double-stage machine, large injection volume machine, color change, injection piston carbon deposition, exhaust difficulty, etc.                                

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