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Three temperature settings for injection molding machines

by:Hisson     2020-01-21

First, the temperature of the barrel, each material has its own melting temperature range, the temperature is low, the material is not good, the temperature is high, it will decompose, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate temperature. However, there are certain differences in the temperature control system of ourinjection molding machine, so we should learn to watch the rubber head to analyze whether the temperature is suitable or not.  There are abnormal sounds when gluing, and there are obvious undissolved granular particles on the punched materials, when the fluidity is not too good, it means that the temperature is too low and the temperature needs to be raised. The glue is very smooth, and the material is very fluid like water, indicating that the temperature is too high and the temperature needs to be lowered. The material temperature is very important.  If it is slightly decomposed, it will seriously affect the strength and quality of the product. Therefore, changing the material temperature is generally not considered in production. Second, the mold temperature, the mold temperature directly affects the product size, under normal circumstances in the mold test stage according to the material Category setting, according to the product quality slightly adjustment, mass production does not consider the change is better. When the mold temperature is high, the melt has good fluidity, which is conducive to molding, but the product shrinkage increases and the size will be correspondingly small. When the mold temperature is low, the fluidity of the melt is poor, which is not conducive to molding, but the shrinkage of the product decreases and the size is correspondingly larger. In addition to affecting the product size, the mold temperature also determines the crystallinity.  When the mold temperature is high, the crystallinity is large, and when the mold temperature is low, the crystallinity is small. The mold temperature also has certain influence on the product strength.  When the mold temperature is low, the product strength is also low.  When the mold temperature is low, the fluidity of the product becomes worse, then the fusion of the joint line position will be affected, the strength of the binding line is obviously reduced.  Moreover, when the mold temperature is low, its crystallinity is low, and its strength is correspondingly low. Three, drying temperature, some materials have trace amounts of water molecules, will promote the accelerated decomposition of polymers, such as PC, PBT, etc. , then must be fully dried before molding can be produced. If the drying is not in place, it will not only accelerate the decomposition of the material, but also produce a large number of bubbles, and the fluidity will become very good, and it is easy to produce defects such as the front. Therefore, it must be dried well before molding.                                

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