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Precision injection molding vs ordinary injection molding


Ordinary molding does not require high dimensional accuracy of injection molded parts, but relatively high requirements for appearance of injection molded parts. It does not require high-precision injection molding machines and specially designated materials. Generally, commonly used thermoplastics can be used for production. This is one of the reasons why it is widely used in the modern plastic industry.


Compared with ordinary injection molding, precision injection molding has very high dimensional accuracy and tolerance requirements, and materials have requirements. Generally, POM\POM=CF (carbon fiber), PNM=GF (glass fiber), PA\FRPA66 ( Enhanced PA)\PC etc.

    Precision injection molding must do the following:

    1. The material of the pet preform mold should be good, rigid enough, the dimensional accuracy of the cavity and the positioning accuracy between the templates should be high, and the surface roughness should be low.

    2. Use precision injection molding machine.

    3. Use precision molding technology.

    4. Choose materials suitable for precision injection molding process.

Precision injection molding machine mold taking manipulator control system

    We know that advanced injection molding machine mold taking manipulators can greatly increase productivity and reduce production costs, stabilize and improve the quality of injection molded products, and avoid unnecessary losses due to human operation errors. Therefore, we believe in advanced injection molding The role of the machine-taking manipulator in injection molding production will become more and more important.

    With the rapid development of my country's injection molding industry, there will be more and more manipulators used in various processes such as loading, mixing, automatic mold loading and unloading, and recycling of waste materials, and they will develop in the direction of intelligence. The single-arm injection molding machine mold taking manipulator control system is a relatively new type of intelligent product.

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