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Procedures for the action of vertical injection molding machine of plastic injection machine

by:Hisson     2020-11-27
When we usually use the injection molding machine, you must understand its action. So, what is its action program? Then by the injection molding machine manufacturer to teach you. General of vertical injection molding machine is through the following a few basic movements, nozzle trek & rarr; An injection & rarr; The holding & rarr; Pre plastic & rarr; Pour shrinkage & rarr; Nozzle retreat & rarr; Cooling & rarr; Open mould & rarr; Out & rarr; Return a needle & rarr; Open the door & rarr; Close the door & rarr; Clamping & rarr; The nozzle. The working principle of injection molding machine injection molding process is a cycle, first each cycle include: quantitative loading & ndash; The molten plasticizing & ndash; Pressure injection & ndash; Molding cooling & ndash; Rev pick-up. After take out the plastic mold closing again, for the next cycle. For the working principle of injection molding machine and injection injection device are similar, it is depend on the screw ( Or plunger) The thrust, will has good plasticizing molten state ( The viscous flow state) Plastic injection into the closed good cavity, obtain the finished product after curing finalize the design skill. An injection molding process is a cycle, the first to complete each cycle is then for the next cycle.
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