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Recently, an all-electric injection molding machine in Germany was used to produce ice skates equipped with LSR lip seal. This all-electric injection molding machine specially used for multi-color processing is equipped with two sets of 170 injection dev

by:Hisson     2020-04-25
Due to the special properties of liquid silicon, LSR and PC with a hardness of 50 Shore can be processed simultaneously at the same mold temperature. This not only optimizes the processing process, but also the equipment can adapt to more complex technical requirements, thus realizing simple and efficient production of products. In order to produce high-quality LSR and thermoplastic composite parts, the injection molding machine is equipped with standard electric devices to drive the injection device to accurately reach the initial injection point and the final point, at the same time, it is equipped with a freely programmable Multilift robot system and integrated with the whole machine control system. Therefore, the final product can be quickly removed and placed while maintaining extremely high machining accuracy. Both components are contacted with the mold through a closed system, and due to the application of gate-free injection technology, more accurate utilization of materials can be realized, thus saving time. The overall molding cycle of 39g products is only 45 s. In order to ensure the smooth processing of materials, the peripheral equipment includes an LSR feeding device, a cooling system and a set of Thermolift 100-2 Complete material transportation and pre-drying. Recently, domestic Kejun machinery has successfully developed two-color injection molding machines and multi-color injection molding machines, realizing the synchronization of multi-color injection and molding technology. The vertical disc four-color injection molding machine adopts multi-cylinder oil circuit synchronous control to realize full synchronization of mold closing, mold opening, glue injection, feeding and loosening, thus greatly shortening the life cycle of the product. Oil circuit control adopts closed-loop servo valve to realize automatic adjustment and compensation of pressure and flow with sensors. The product does not need to be demoulded during injection molding in the first three colors, which can avoid the situation that several colors are not bonded after cooling, at the same time, it also avoids the phenomenon that one color is easily crushed or the product is pressed out of the mold when it is taken out from one mold and put in another mold, thus greatly reducing the defective rate of the product. The clamping mode adopts anti-riot unloading, low pressure, mechanical protection and safety light curtain device to ensure the safety of the machine. The OD 1600 disc rotates 360 degrees for 3 seconds, and the positioning accuracy reaches ±0. 05mm. The machine can not only be used for four-color molding, but also be compatible with monochrome, two-color and three-color molding functions. It can be used for multiple purposes and can be produced in a variety of ways. The machine adopts four double alloy screws. The temperature of each screw, the pressure of glue injection, feeding, loosening, seat Inlet and seat back, and the flow rate can be set and controlled separately. The machine is equipped with four pairs of molds, the disc is rotated to change the mold, the upper mold is fixed, the lower mold rotates clockwise, the first three molds are defective products when starting up, and the fourth mold is finished, after that, the disc produces a finished product every 90 degrees. Multicolor injection molding machine-color and multi- component injection molding makes the traditional assembly or bonding process greatly reduced, and the product structure design is more flexible. Rich in the possibility of different colored materials, so that it is possible to shape a more colorful plastic products. Domestic and foreign injection molding machine suppliers are developing new technologies to enhance market competitiveness. This paper introduces two new multi- color injection molding techniques. Typical structure of multi- color processing technology From the point of view of current technology, there are three typical structural forms of the realization of multi- color technology. Double injection Double injection, in which two materials are injected into the mold cavity at the same time. This technique usually determines the distribution of the raw material and the joint point of the two materials according to the preset injection speed and the geometry of the mold cavity. When this method is used, the injection molding machine is required to have very high accuracy and excellent repeatability for each cycle. This technology is mainly used in some flexible injection molding occasions, such as the processing of parts hindered by poor flow of raw materials or the function of parts as the focus of the processing object.
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