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Related to the liquid silicone injection molding machine its technology is unique

by:Hisson     2020-10-05
With the development of modern industry and application, the application of silicone products is increasing, especially in the medical industry, silicone bring convenience to promote the development of silicone injection molding machine. Liquid silicone injection molding machine is the new type of high efficient technology of forming technology. The production technology of uniqueness lies in the following: first, the generation of this kind of machine is closely connected with our advanced information technology, it is by far the most sophisticated information technology - - - - - - - - - - - - Numerical control to complete the relevant production business. So, in a wide range of injection molding machine, liquid silicone injection molding machine is the most standard measuring device; Second, is this machine adopt the method of injection molding, so it can finish at the same time two different color silicone molding, but also can complete two hardness different molding technique. For those who need two kinds of different colors of silicone products, and the two different hardness and finished product production has important significance; Thirdly, it is this machine structure is relatively simple, do not have any difficulty in maintenance. Because it is less overall, won't take up too much, it was convenient for many buyers. In general, the generation of liquid silicone injection molding machine and appear in the very great degree for the silicone products production provides the most convenient service. And also for industrial production to provide the new and the prospect of the future.
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