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Share how to set up injection molding machine low voltage protection?

by:Hisson     2020-04-14
That now a lot of factory are demanding to debug injection molding machine low pressure protection, in fact, most of the technical personnel of low pressure is not quick and good adjustment in place, is on the low voltage regulating this link can greatly save the time machine, provide better support for production performance. 01. The clamping pressure transferred to the need, can be seen from the pressure gauge. We need 120 kg clamping pressure, for example, the crank arm unbend, first adjust the thickness of mould, until clamping pressure of up to 120 kg on the pressure gauge to the next step. 02. Set cavity mould opening distance distance is not as far as possible, to remove the product doesn't meet for the principle. Note set mould cushion must according to open mold speed to decide the length of the buffer, the faster the speed, the farther buffer. 03. Mould slow general according to the low voltage start location to set the first paragraph, pay attention to, such as have a heart, all, according to the mould clamping position increased 5 mm is good. 04. Clamping position quickly in clamping a startup can turn into fast clamping action, according to the size of the precision injection molding machine to determine the end position, the higher the accuracy, the smaller the position. Generally set at low position 20 - before you start - - - - - - - - - - - - 库存已告罄。 05. The clamping high pressure speed to zero, first to manual mode locking, see mold completely attached to the front mould yes position set as much as they are. For example, before and after mold joint position is 1. 3 mm, typically in 1 set position. 4MM。 Set position and actual position as easy to false alarms, too much loss of low voltage protection. 6. High pressure and speed recovery. This action is needless to say. Reply is OK. After completion of the low voltage protection setting, complete with a blank sheet of paper test, put a blank sheet of paper out of mold is OK, clamping again a little bit to reduce the low pressure location or the velocity pressure can be reduced. The whole debugging cycle is not more than five minutes.
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