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by:Hisson     2020-03-31
Purpose: high quality complete rotary die work with high efficiency, decrease down time. Applicable scope: is suitable for the upper and lower die personnel specifications of the operation and maintenance. Upper and lower die working procedures contents: 1. Preparation: before mold with injection molding machine, should be tested, so as to find quality problems in a timely manner, to repair the mold to avoid computer and then removed, when mold fixed template and mobile template separate checks, pay attention to the direction, to avoid make a mistake when clamping. 一个。 The present situation of the view: die mold code, whether computer maintenance good, whether to belong to can produce the mould, whether water nozzle and other accessories are complete, etc. ; Check calibration inside can mold in injection molding machine; b。 Ready to form a complete set of upper die tools, such as inner hexagon spanner, rings and matching die pad iron, pressure plate, screw, etc; c。 Ready to form a complete set of cooling system, such as mold temperature machine, pipe, etc; d。 Will be transported to the near the machine, mold and accessories needed for prepare to die on downtime. 2. Lower die assignment: a. The mold, should be the high voltage clamping canceled; Close the mold, discharged cooling water pipe; b。 Open the mould, check whether there is water inside the mold, after cleaning, spray anti-rust oil, closed mold, stop the motor; c。 The suspension loop lock and the crane hook; Fixed screw loose to start the template, and then loosen the fixed template fixed screw; d。 To start the motor, set a slow, careful livelocks template back; e. Be careful with the crane lifted from mould, put in designated locations and make dust prevention measures, labelled, logo mould state and rust prevention measures, date. f。 Close the motor, the power supply; The water valve, clean the machine. 3. The operation of upper die: a. Check the power supply. Cooling water; Cylinder temperature is normal; Can check the mold in injection molding machine; b。 Check whether thimble located with injection molding machine thimble unity; c。 According to the production data set process parameters; Start the motor, set the slow and lower clamping pressure; d。 Adjust activities according to mold thickness, lock template position, make the mould in two plates; If have a side parting mechanism in the mold, slides should be installed in a horizontal position, namely active blocks are moving around. e. Lift mould about 1-1. 5 meters, lock clean around the mold and injection molding machine template plane; f。 Put between the two plate mold, cancel at the beginning of the clamping pressure clamping; g。 Adjust the mould in the feed nozzle and nozzle on; When the mold in injection molding machine template of position locating circle after, with extremely slow speed closed modules, makes dynamic templates will die compaction gently, and then the pressure plate, pressure plate must be fitted with gasket, mold foot loading platen per each side must be at least 2 piece, top board, must pay attention to adjust the height of the screw to with mold feet high, namely linking piece to be flat. If the plate is oblique, not mold foot pressure is very tight. Linking piece side not to be exposed to the mold, in order to avoid mould friction damage. Screw should be near the foot side, otherwise it will not die of foot pressure is very tight. Screw screw in the depth of the injection molding machine template should be greater than the diameter of the screw, the best one. 2 to 1. Five times the diameter. h。 Die after fastening, the rev die slowly, until dynamic template to stop back, calibration mould cavity trip ( Travel can make the plastic parts and material take off) ; 我。 The plunger is out, the position of the plunger should be adjusted to the mold ejection plate and the dynamic model of the base plate was left not less than 5 mm clearance between to prevent damage to the mold, and hold out the parts. j。 Closing the adjustment of the firmness, elasticity is moderate, both to prevent overflow, and guarantee the chamber appropriate exhaust. Mould for mould temperature should be in the mold after the die temperature, then the school closed die firmness. Note: high voltage clamping shoulds not be too fast speed, not more than 20%, clamping high pressure at the edge of the promised not to overflow, as far as possible low at the same time, in order to protect the mold. k。 Through to mold cooling water, after turn on the cooling water, should check whether the flow, water; Clean the mold oily be soiled, water be soiled; Reliable cylinder to molding temperature, according to the injection molding machine operation manual operation. Upper and lower die matters needing attention in the process of | : a. Security: in the process of upper and lower mould, other personnel such as washing machine barrel at the same time, also to coordinate with each other. b。 Timeliness: try to minimize downtime, namely real upper and lower die homework time. c。 Effect: according to the lower die procedures, to prevent unnecessary accidents, and pay attention to the quality, such as feeding mouth and the mouth of the fixed screw fastening, the operation of the cooling water should be accurate.
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