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Share key technical parameters of injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-04-14
A, injection parts technical parameters ( 1) The screw diameter, screw diameter size ( 2) Screw effective length: the length of the threaded screw ( 毫米) Often expressed in L ( 3) The screw length to diameter ratio L/D: screw the ratio of length to diameter (effectively 4) Screw compression ratio V2 / V1: the first screw feeding screw groove volume V2 and the metering section of most is not a spiral trough the ratio of volume V1 ( 5) Injection stroke: a maximum distance of moving screw, screw back (the maximum distance 6) Theory of injection volume: screw head JIE area with the largest injection stroke (the product of 7) Injection quantity: screw injection of the maximum weight of PS ( g) ( 8) When the injection pressure, injection head maximum pressure in the process of the molten material MPa ( 9) When injection speed: injection screw the maximum speed of mobile ( 毫米/ s) ( 10) Injection time, injection molding, screw through the injection of the shortest time, 11) Injection rate, injection time of the theoretical volume; Screw JIE area x at the highest speed ( 12) The screw rotation speed: when material plasticizing, screw the lowest highest speed range ( 13) Plasticizing capacity: in unit time, plastic materials are what the maximum weight ( 14) Screw torque is: when material plasticizing, screw driven torque ( N / m) ( 15) Nozzle elongation: nozzle stretched out before the template, the length of the mould installation plane, the technical parameters of clamping parts (2 1) Clamping force: in order to overcome the molten material expansion mode, make mould fasten the biggest force ( 2) Cavity forming area: refers to the pressure, the clamping force projection area of the largest ( 3) Open mold force: to take out the products, make the greatest power of mould opening ( 4) Mould schedule: to take out the products, the largest distance template ( 5) Before and after the template size: die mold installation and dynamic template flat size ( 6) Molar volume, injection molding machine can install mould maximum thickness and the minimum thickness ( 7) Template: from injection molding machine using the template and the template of maximum and minimum distance ( 8) Bar spacing, injection molding machine bar spacing (the inside of the horizontal direction and vertical direction 毫米) Third, the whole machine performance parameters ( 1) Motor drive the biggest power: drive the oil pump motor power ( 千瓦) ( 2) Hydraulic system rated capacity of the tank (tank capacity: 3) The appearance of machine volume: the biggest long * wide (high 4) Weight: the total weight of the machine
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