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Share of vertical injection molding machine fault factors of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-08-22
No matter any machinery in use for a long time will be a little trouble, vertical injection molding machine is not exceptional also, some faults are slowly accumulated, flash, there are some things today by our analysis of the failure causes of these two aspects. Sudden failure occurs in the injection molding machine using phase, is often the result of the design, manufacture, assembly and material defects, or operating errors, caused by illegal operations. Intermittent failures. Injection molding machine loses some of his functions in the short term, with a little repair debugging can restore, do not need to change parts. Local failure. Result in the loss function of injection molding machine some. The inherent weakness of failure. Due to design problem, injection molding machine appear weak links, in normal use when the fault. Here are the problems with long time, there are rules of failure. The occurrence of fault has certain regularity. Safety failure. For example, the safety protection system without action occurs when action; Injection molding machine can't start when the start failure. Risk failure. Such as safety protection system is in need for fault protection lost, cause personal injury and injection molding machine fault; Electronically controlled hydraulic system failure caused by the fault and so on. Here, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is pointed out that failure, of course, there are other factors, the above two is the cause of the problem, more common mechanical failure to timely find, or you will bring immeasurable loss.
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