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Share of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine screw how to tear open outfit?

by:Hisson     2020-08-22
Injection molding industry in continuously accelerated development in recent years, and now understand how to operate the injection molding machine of fewer and fewer professionals here today by the first vertical injection molding machine factory technicians to teach everyone how to relevant knowledge of injection molding machine screw how to tear open outfit. One, from discharge screw 1, the temperature of the heating cylinder to resin maximum temperature, disconnect the heating power, 2, lower injection pressure and injection speed: all the injection flow rate and injection pressure are set to close to zero. 3, make the screw back to the last position. 4, in turn, remove cylinder head heating circle, nozzle, before the machine tube ( Cylinder head) 。 5, make & other; Injection & throughout; The action. Push the screw before; Then & other; Shoot out & throughout; , will be injected back. Cushion block between injection with screw, make & other Injection & throughout; Action, pushed before the screw; Then & other; Shoot out & throughout; , will shoot back; So, the screw down. Note: please don't use a hand to hold the wood directly, with the jig! 6, remove the screw overheating, do not directly with the hand grip to grasp! Second, the assembly according to the process.
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