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Share on vertical injection molding machine maintenance method

by:Hisson     2021-01-12
For vertical injection molding machine, as we all know is used to carry out a kind of plastic injection molding machinery and equipment, but for the vertical injection molding machine units, necessary for maintenance, along with the production of vertical injection molding machine manufacturers machinery is introduced about maintenance methods are as follows: 1. Keep cleaning can prevent wear caused by impurities, obstruction, rust and timely find the spill; 2. Some mechanical lubrication can prevent the machine parts wear and tear. Make moves smoothly, reduce operating noise; 3. Manipulating some view regularly view can prevent the electric parts caused by loose, poor contact or aging failure; 4. Hydraulic oil spill some view can timely stop parts, to prevent the loss of oil and products of pollution; 5. Machine set-up correctly can improve the production efficiency, adhere to the precision of the machine, cut due to the improper adjustment of the power or mechanical life of the loss. The general maintenance, such as gas, cleaning, and other general can be passed on to personnel responsible for the operation, the relevant technical maintenance, such as mechanical, hydraulic and electrical some check, calibration is necessary to have experience and familiar with the personnel responsible for performing the machine structure. For vertical injection molding machine how much do you know? In addition to the equipment itself in need to have some relevant matters needing attention, when buying the rest like the maintenance method is also very important.
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