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Share the manipulator with injection molding machine installation considerations

by:Hisson     2020-04-01
Now are automatic, but in the process of injection molding machine and the installation of mechanical hand we should pay attention to this. Manipulator is faster, but in the fast at the same time we should pay attention to safety, and so on many aspects. 1: the installation process in close to need to pay attention to the direction of unity between the two injection molding machine, or to set aside enough space to ensure manipulator each other between manipulator and obstacles in the process of production. 2: in use process need to pay attention to safety, to ban standing at the bottom of the decline of manipulator, lest hurt by manipulator. Three: signals are connected to the injection molding machine must have a collision process, prevent the manipulator in the process of mode locking clip inside to cause unnecessary economic losses. 4: when manipulator work all actions cannot machinery in the way of injection molding machine, as well as the surrounding facilities. Five: to be under the guidance of the staff operating manipulator. 6: on a regular basis to maintenance of manipulator, according to the manual operation. Injection molding machine rolling bearing problems which need to replace the 1, inside and outside of the rolling bearing sleeve slide has serious wounds, hemp hole or a crack. 2, ball rack damage. 3, turn the ball bearing, a larger noise; Or set of inside and outside in the axial and radial clearance is bigger. 4, bearings and other components of the mating surface ( Set in the inner hole and cylindrical jacket) Wear serious, bright and clean face already wear destruction. 5, ball or roller surface damage of bright and clean. Any a kind of phenomenon of rolling bearing appear afore-mentioned problems, should be timely replace new bearing. Do you have a look at it?
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