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Share the material overflow processing method of the injection molding machine head

by:Hisson     2020-04-15
The material overflow ( Flash) Flash is also called the flash, overflow, such as edge, phi front occurs mostly in the mold scoring position. Such as: mold parting surface, the slider sliding parts, insert aperture, the place such as the porosity of the plunger. Flash don't timely solve will be further expanded, and stamping mould forming local collapse, cause permanent damage. Insert aperture and plunger porous material overflow products will cause the card on the mold, mold release. 1, equipment ( 1) Machine really insufficient clamping force. Selecting injection molding machine, clamping force must be higher than the rating of the injection molding machine products vertical projection area of injections in the formation of the tension, otherwise will cause bilge module, a flash. ( 2) Clamping device adjustment, toggle lever mechanism is not straight, or around or uneven clamping, mold cannot achieve the phenomenon of parallelism causing mold one side have been tight but on the other side is not close, there will be a flash when injection. ( 3) Mold itself parallelism, or are not parallel, or template is not parallel, or pull rod uneven distribution of stress, deformation, which will cause mould clamping close and not produce a flash. ( 4) Check ring wear serious, spring nozzle spring failure, cylinder or the wear and tear of the screw is too big, into the mouth cooling system failure 'bridging' phenomenon, barrel setting injection capacity is insufficient, the cushion is too small and so on all may cause flash appeared again and again, must be timely repair or replacement parts. 2, mold ( 1) The mold parting surface accuracy is poor. Activity template ( If the plate) Deformed; The parting surface is stained with foreign body or frame surrounding bulge skiing printed burr; The old mould cavity resulting from previous flash extrusion peripheral fatigue failures. ( 2) Mold design is not reasonable. Mold cavity after partial open position, would make an injection mould when unilateral tension, causing flash. Plastic good liquidity, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, etc. , under the molten viscosity is low, easy to enter the activity or fixed aperture, requirements of die & mould manufacturing precision is higher. Under the premise that does not affect the integrity of the products should be placed on the quality center of symmetry, wip thick parts into the material, can prevent the lack of material while with flash. When products have molding hole near the central or the habits on the hole on the side gate. Because under the large injection pressure, if insufficient clamping force, will make the mould in this part of the bearing force is not enough and a slight warp, resulting in the flash. Such as mould with side activity component, its lateral projection area is subjected to the molding pressure, if enough of supporting force can cause flash. Sliding cores with bad precision, fixed core and cavity installation position offset also can produce flash. Cavity venting is not good, no open vent groove on the surface of the mold parting, or exhaust channel is too shallow, too deep or too large, or the foreign bodies blocked will cause flash. The distributary channel and should pay attention to in the multi-cavity mold gate of reasonable design, otherwise will cause uneven and produce fill flash. 3, technological aspects, 1) Injection pressure too high or too fast. Because of the high speed of mold Zhang Kaili increase lead to flash. According to the thickness of the products to adjust the injection rate and injection time, thin products with a high speed rapid molding, after no longer into the note; Thick products with low speed mode, and make skin before reaching the end pressure in general. ( 2) Add SAP caused by flash. It's worth noting that is not in order to prevent depression and injecting molten material too much, this sag are not necessarily 'bridge', while flash will appear. This application to extend the time of injection or the holding time to solve it. ( 3) Barrel, nozzle temperature too high or the mold temperature is too high will make plastic viscosity, liquidity increases, in the case of fluid into the mold flash. 4, raw materials, 1) Plastic viscosity is too high or too low are possible flash. Low viscosity of plastics such as nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. , should be to improve mould clamping force; Strong water imbibition of the plastic or plastic that are sensitive to water flow will greatly reduce viscosity at high temperature, increase the likelihood of flash, these plastic must be thoroughly dry; Incorporating the reworked material too much plastic viscosity will decline, when it is necessary to supplement the stranded. Plastic viscosity is too high, the flow resistance increases, produce large back pressure cavity pressure increase, due to insufficient clamping force and flash. ( 2) Plastic raw material particle size inequality worsened and the uncertainty of the feed rate, parts or discontent, or flash.
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