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Share the working principle of hydraulic injection molding

by:Hisson     2020-05-03
Hydraulic transmission: it was based on the hydraulic oil as working medium, through the power element ( Oil pump) The prime mover's mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure can, again through the control element, and then with the aid of actuators ( Oil cylinder and oil motor) The pressure can be converted into mechanical energy, driving load to realize linear or rotary movement, and through the control components of remote controlling and regulating flow, setting the force and speed of the actuators. When the outside of the above system has disturbance, components of the output of general to deviate from the original setting, produce certain error hydraulic control, and hydraulic transmission, in the system also includes power components, control components and actuators, and through the oil transfer power. The two different points are the hydraulic control with feedback device, the effect of feedback device output components is the implementation of the ( Displacement, speed, strength and other mechanical quantity) Feedback back to the input data ( Can be change, also can be a constant) After comparison, using comparative deviation to control system, the components of the output of the changes over the amount of input or constant. It is a kind of closed loop of hydraulic transmission system, also called a hydraulic servo system or hydraulic servo system. Hydraulic drive system is used in the on-off type or logical type control components, the control purpose, is to keep the value of a set of stable or simple changes of direction, also called fixed value and sequence control components. Servo control element is used in the hydraulic control system, with feedback structure, and electrical devices to control has higher control precision and response speed, the control of pressure and flow of constant change. Output power can be enlarged. Proportional control is a control between the above two, the proportional control valve is used in the on-off control element and servo control device developed on the basis of a new type of electric - hydraulic control elements, some of the characteristics of both the above two kinds of components, is used to control the on-off type with the hand can't meet the requirements, but also do not need the servo valve on the hydraulic system as strict pollution control requirements of the occasion. Advantages and disadvantages in the current hydraulic drive system (four categories of drive Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic) , there is no a kind of power transmission is perfect, and the hydraulic transmission has the following obvious advantages: structurally, the unit weight of output power and output power unit size in four types of driving mode is recalled, there is a lot of moment of inertia ratio, the transmission under the condition of the same power, the hydraulic transmission device of small volume, light weight, small inertia, compact structure, flexible layout. Look from the working performance, speed, torque, power can be adjusted, action quick responsiveness, directional control and variable speed, quickly, wide speed range and speed range of up to 100: l to 2000:1; Good rapidity, control, regulation is simpler, more convenient manipulation, energy saving, easy to match the electrical control, and the CPU ( The computer) Connection, easy to realize automation. Look from the use of maintenance, components of good self-lubrication, easy realize overload protection and pressure, safe and reliable; Seriation, standardization, generalization components easy to implement. All the hydraulic technology equipment safety and reliability. From the point of view of economic costs: the plasticity and variability of hydraulic technology is very strong, can increase the flexibility of flexible production, and easy to change and adjustment of production process, hydraulic components manufacturing cost is not high also, relatively stronger adaptability. Hydraulic easily combined with new technologies, such as microcomputer control, make up the 'machine - Electric - Liquid - Light 'integration has become a trend in world development, easy to realize digital. Hydraulic transmission faults: any every coin has two sides, hydraulic transmission, is no exception: hydraulic transmission due to the surface, where there is relative motion inevitably exist leak, the oil is not absolutely not compressed at the same time, combined with elastic deformation such as tubing, hydraulic transmission can not be strictly the transmission ratio, and therefore cannot be used in machine tools such as machining screw gear drive chain of the inline. Along the exist in the process of the oil flow loss, partial loss and leak loss, transmission efficiency is low, not suitable for long distance transmission. Under the condition of high temperature and low temperature, adopts hydraulic drive has the certain difficulty. To prevent oil spill and to meet the requirements of certain performance, hydraulic components manufacturing precision demand is high, bring some difficulties in the use and maintenance. Failure is not easy to check, especially hydraulic technology unit, less widely held, this contradiction is often impedes the further popularization and application of hydraulic technology. Hydraulic equipment maintenance need to rely on experience, hydraulic technical personnel's training for a long time. �0�2
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