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Sharing injection motor template structure features

by:Hisson     2020-05-02
Templates are commonly used fixed template template, fixed and mobile before the template is divided into template ( Or head plate) Template (after, The tail board) , the role of the template is with four elder brother Lin Zhu consisting of a rigid frame, form molar space. Locking mold, template to withstand the bending stress and the effect of compression deformation, therefore, template when it has the following characteristics: 1) Template choose good toughness, rigidity good cast steel or cast iron ball mill material, in order to make sure there is enough toughness and rigidity and wear resistance. 2) Contour structure size of the template design is fixed template design into plane working face, cross section supported steel structure, etc. , to overcome to withstand the bending stress at work. Templates work plane after annealing, the template of machined surface roughness is not greater than 1. μm 25。 Mechanical processing, should be rough machining and finish machining for twice, in order to reduce the deformation after machining and ensure the accuracy of each part of mutual position requirements. 3) Templates with elder brother Lin Zhu assembly is sliding fit, use H7 / f7 coordination with the system, the synchronous accuracy is higher, so the four mounting holes on the template and working in boring machine last clamping plane finish processing molding, so as to ensure the accuracy of four hole centerline symmetry requirement, in order to make sure the template mining and mobile template ( On the mould clamping side) Not parallel accuracy requirement. 4) Activities between the template and slide rail adopts slide foot structure, between the feet slip and orbit, oil MoXiao should by lubricating oil formation and produce oil film, forming good sliding fit, and activity template and feet slip control device, can be timely adjust some models also increase the guide rail steel belt to prevent excessive wear between the rack, common has the following four feet slip form. Specific as follows: (1) adjusting device at the bottom of the dynamic template through the upper adjusting screw adjusting track the clearance between the feet slip and slide; (2) adjusting device is fixed at the bottom of the template, by upper and lower adjusting screw to adjust track skate with foot clearance; (3) control device in the dynamic template profile, through adjusting screw to adjust track skateboard and slide foot clearance; (4) adjusting device under dynamic template, by adjusting the feet slip Angle iron to adjust the clearance.
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