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Sharing of injection molding machine gear assembly method

by:Hisson     2020-05-01
Injection molding machine used for reduction drive gear, generally all is the gear fixed on the shaft. Gear and shaft to cooperate, how USES the H7 / k6, H7 / n6, H7 / r6 transition fit or interference fit precision. Gear assembly method is as follows. 1, clean the holes in gear and shaft parts of burr. 2, according to the drive shaft, and gear slotting with key. General can adopt H9 / H9 to cooperate. 3, test gear shaft and hole diameter of actual size, based on the quantity to determine interference gear and shaft assembly method. 4, after the assembly, apply a thin layer of oil on the shaft with place. Is greater than surplus quantity use press assembly; If interference quantity is small, can use hammer hit the assembly. 5, the gear assembly should be paid attention to are as follows. 一个。 Press and assembly, so as to gear datum as must find is flat, will use square shaft correction in, then assemble again. b。 After assembly of gear and the shaft shoulder to rely on strict, as shown in the figure below, are not allowed to appear inclined or not concentric phenomenon. c。 If the gear and shaft with no plummer, use screw and gear shaft is fixed, so as to avoid gear shaft to move up. d。 After assembling gear work appear problem, can consult the table below are analyzed.
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