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Sharing of injection molding machine gear box maintenance knowledge

by:Hisson     2020-04-14
A: injection molding machine screw is generally divided into three parts, that is, three parts. Respectively: transmission, compression, measurement. Three parts, respectively, can understand it. Delivery: the period of fixed screw groove depth, its function is responsible for preheating and plastic solid conveying and push. Must ensure that the plastic at the end of the feeding period began to melt. Compression: this section is reducing screw screw groove teeth deep, its function as the plastic raw material melting and mixing, shearing, compression and pressure exhaust. Plastic in this section will be completely dissolved, the volume will narrow, it is very important to the design of the compression ratio. Measurement: this section is the screw fixed screw groove groove depth, its main function is mixed, melt conveying, metering, must also provide enough pressure, maintain stability of the melt temperature and the flow of the molten plastic. Injection molding machine gear box maintenance knowledge: (1) using the new injection molding machine for the first time, a month after the production, to release the slowdown in the lubricating oil, cleaning tank, rejoin the new lubricating oil L - generally available CKB220 ( GB5903— 1995). Industrial gear oil] 。 This is due to the new gear meshing, the end of two involute gear contact surface in the running-in there are a large number of metal powder falls off, mixed with oil. If not clean up the oil change in time, these metal powder mixed with oil, will speed up the tooth surface like emery or bearing wear. (2) do you want to work in the equipment after the check amount of lubricating oil in the gear box, to maintain the surface of lubricating oil in the annotation of oil standard range. (3) to use the hand after the drive disc on wheel reducer drive, flexible rotation, no block phenomenon when driving to work again. (4) often check gear box bearing parts and lubricating oil temperature, under normal circumstances, 50 ℃, the temperature should be the following. 5. Check out once a year abrasion of gear, bearing in addition, in the lubrication, if also need to change a lubricating oil is not clean. 6 when the maintenance for the removal of gear, the most good use press loading and unloading, no hammer percussion remove the gear tooth department.
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