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Sharing of injection molding machine gear wear and broken teeth

by:Hisson     2020-05-03
(1) the gear oil is not clean, especially when the lubricating oil mixed with a lot of metal powder ( Mainly comes from at the beginning of the gear meshing tooth surface wear when off the metal powder) , when the lubrication with oil inclusions between meshing tooth surfaces, making meshing tooth surface wear faster. (2) the gear is not correct, to install the gear mesh transmission interface become smaller or produce addendum interference phenomenon, as shown in figure below. In the figure, a) The tooth surface abrasion, is due to the shaft center distance of two meshing gear and the gear machining accuracy with low ( Gear milling gear tooth error when big impact) . In the figure, b) Mesh, is a kind of abnormal work gear meshing interference phenomenon, this kind of working condition, easy to make tooth broken or aggravate tooth surface wear. Incorrect tooth meshing (3) when the gear meshing transmission, due to the tooth surface by extrusion torque force often and for a long time, the tooth surface of metal surface to produce fatigue crack, crack extension extended gradually, make the surface of the metal plate shaped, tooth surface form small pit, gradually increase the number of the pit, the tooth surface abrasion damage. Gear (4) under the condition of heavy load, due to the unreasonable manufacturing material selection or were due to improper tooth surface heat treatment, the work of more than material fatigue strength limit bearing capacity, make root ministry cracks, work long hours to make tooth broken from the roots. (5) due to the gear mesh transmission with lubricating oil is not enough, no form lubricant film between meshing tooth surfaces, tooth surface under dry friction is long-term work, the tooth of temperature rise, make the tooth surface wear was accelerated.
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