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Sharing of injection molding machine heating system overhaul

by:Hisson     2020-05-02
Injection molding machine heating system overhaul: ac contactor to run for a long time, frequent moves, its main contact singeing, damage or poor contact. Regular maintenance is necessary. The contactor coil electricity to run for a long time, can also cause fever metamorphism, noise, etc. , often need to change. Heating tube to run for a long time, has the certain service life. But common fault is the power supply wire short circuit, or fever burn out magnetic joint terminal. Power supply circuit is more human factors, such as clean the machine when pulling, injection caused leak adhesive, loose connections, etc. So, heating tube replacement, installation is firm, reliable connection, preloaded heating tube terminal wiring first, then connect the power cord. General heating cylinder work a few hours later, again preloaded, in order to avoid heat bilges cold shrink caused connection is loose. Temperature controller is the core of the heating circuit. Its accuracy directly affects the quality of injection products, especially is very important to calibrate plastic temperature, burning rubber become angry or burns. Temperature controller to collect the temperature of the heating tube of the signal, comparing with set temperature signal, through temperature controller to control, whether the heating or thermal insulation. Thermocouple is to gather the temperature sensing elements, shall be installed and reliable, and inserted into the hole position appropriate temperature detection, thermocouple lead wire connection should also be strong and reliable. Generally in use process, the temperature control table have certain error, thermometer to check the accuracy of temperature control are available, and the commonly used rubber is generally error of plus or minus 10 ℃ can be used. The most common fault is to control the failure temperature controller, mainly in the table relay contact singeing, sintering temperature, temperature control is not accurate. Large range of error caused by dial switch failure or thermometer internal integrated circuit performance is bad, but also by the internal circuit such as zener diode, potentiometer, precise resistance failure cause. Temperature meter has also led to bad out of control. Repair the heating circuit, by the power supply to the heating tube part of inspection, measuring and calibration circuit to determine the fault point and components, and then replace the damaged components and debugging correction. Replacing components must pay attention to the type, shape, specification and parameters, especially to the thermocouple index number, heat tube power and parallel installation should pay attention to. Nozzle heating tube should be as far as possible to avoid the damage of leak adhesive.
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