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Sharing of injection molding machine hydraulic system fault diagnosis

by:Hisson     2020-03-31
In the use of injection molding machine, injection molding machine hydraulic system failure that may occur is varied. It is the result of many factors comprehensive shadow ah, discreteness is larger. In fault diagnosis, therefore, must to the cause of fault factors one by one analysis, pay attention to its inner link, find the main contradiction, so you can more easy to solve. In general, injection molding machine hydraulic system failure is not an accident, before any fault in the evolution of big will be accompanied by a variety of abnormal sign, the sign can be summarized as: ( 1) Appear abnormal sound, such as pump, motor, onew valve parts, such as abnormal sound. ( 2) Reversing, walk, lifting work device of the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic cylinder speed down the phenomenon of the weak and the homework. ( 3) A drop in oil tank liquid level, oil deterioration phenomenon. ( 4) Hydraulic components appear on the surface of the oil leakage phenomenon. ( 5) The appearance of the oil temperature is too high. ( 6) Appear pipeline damage, loose and vibration phenomenon. ( 7) A focal nuclear smell and so on. The above phenomenon, as long as careful attention to in the process of using, can by the naked eye, hand touch, the nose smell found. In practice, it is through this site means that people as a failure analysis and the firsthand information, then according to the experience, integrated the first-hand information, to carry out specific analysis on the actual problem, find out the cause of the malfunction, as soon as possible. In practice, however, can not be a can accurately diagnose the causes of failure, then you need a few, over and over again repeated analysis, check repeatedly, until find the reasons of the failure. In the practical work, engineering technical personnel often according to the following steps to deal with fault in hydraulic system. ( 1) Is to be familiar with the relevant technical data and reports, know the working principle of the liquefied air pressure system to understand the basic structure of various components in the system and specific function, able to find the flow process under various working state. Before inspection equipment, should first observe the performance of the system, record the necessary technical data, such as speed, pressure, flow, cycle time, etc. ( 2) Ask the operator to manipulate the failure of the injection molding machine operator to inquire. Ask the characteristics of the equipment and their functions are; Ask the equipment failure phenomena, such as hydraulic pump will start, system oil temperature is too high, the noise of the system is too big, the hydraulic cylinder can drive load, etc. ( 3) Verify the operator to provide phenomenon and examined, the phenomenon of the operator is put forward by observing the meter reading, working speed, listening to the sound, check the oil and actuators are wrong actions such as means to further verification; And then press the system flow process in the fuel tank along the circuit to find carefully, recording observation and stay on time. The normal operation of the system each element; With the hand touch, check into the tubing and high-pressure tubing have preserved, softening, leakage, breakage, Check the control element of pipe joint and the installation of the shell screw loose one day; In the end, check the oil and the hydraulic cylinder piston rod. Should be paid attention to in each step to check whether the phenomenon of improper operation or maintenance, to discover the cause of the problem of this. ( 4) According to understand, ask, check, check the list may be the cause of the problem of data table needs to be kept in mind at this time, a fault phenomenon may be two or more reasons, such as the speed of executive element, may be due to the hydraulic pump parts wear, also may be due to the internal leakage of hydraulic cylinder; Again, such as, the oil temperature is too high, may be in the amount of oil in the tank is not enough, or the oil pollution blocked the radiating surface, may also be a relief valve pressure too high. ( 5) Make the conclusion according to the cause of the problem listed in table, according to the principle of 'easy first then difficult', check the order. To choose those who once the simple check to verify or repair the device can be back to normal, in order to finish inspection work in the shortest time. ( 6) Once authentication conclusion through the above steps, find out the cause of the plastic injection machine failure, began to embark on troubleshooting. These tests is to determine the basis of the components, hydraulic components and replacement. In the practical work often do not have a proper test device to check, then to change the pump, motor, hydraulic valve components such as assembly for troubleshooting. Looking for and the process of troubleshooting, should be seriously, carefully, carefully, makes every effort to accurately, avoid blindly disassemble parts, or use the wrong method of treatment failure, in order to avoid new damage arise therefrom. Except when necessary, may not be easily remove all the hydraulic components, unnecessary, because early to tear open outfit will reduce the service life of these components.
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