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Sharing of injection molding machine important technical parameters

by:Hisson     2020-04-12
1. The injection quantity is defined as the maximum weight of PS plastic injection in the air. When plastic materials is different from the PS injection quantity conversion is: m = cb / 1. 05 ( The b as the density of the plastic, c is expressed as a PS plastic injection quantity) 。 Products of the best control in injection amount to 85% of the total weight, maximum of an amorphous plastics preferable, for high viscosity plastic YiQu. 2. Clamping force defined as clamping end, molten material into the cavity, the template of mould forming locking force in the end. Clamping force is usually with the average pressure inside the cavity and cavity projection area to calculate the product of. Generally take a 20 - the average pressure in the cavity 40Mpa。 3. The specifications of the injection pressure and injection rate, injection molding machine parameters of the injection pressure is the highest pressure inside the cylinder injection, rather than the system hydraulic high pressure injection, injection pressure and the relationship between the hydraulic inverse ratio to the screw cross-sectional area to shoot material cylinder area. Injection rate refers to the unit time from the injection of melting rate of the nozzle, the theoretical value is the product of the barrel inner sectional area and speed. 4. Mould opening mold thickness and maximum stroke of the specifications of the injection molding machine parameters are generally has the minimum and maximum modulus of thick thick, on behalf of the function of injection mold thickness. Injection molding machine move mould stroke is limited, take out the required distance must be open mould parts of injection molding machine is less than the largest open mold. For the single parting surface injection mould, mould schedule for S> =H1+H2+5~10( 毫米) H1 for demoulding distance ( Usually equal to the height of the mould core) , H2 for height (parts Including the gating system) For three board type double parting surface injection mould, mould opening distance using the template and need to increase the runner plate separation distance. 5. Mould installation part of the relative size of mould width size should be adapted to injection molding machine template size and spacing bar, ensure mold can pass the bar spacing to install smoothly on the template. Should be considered when positioning: the mainstream of the mold center center collocated with cylinder nozzle; Mould the locating ring on the size and the injection molding machine shall be consistent with the positioning hole size on the template and use clearance fit; The spherical radius of injection molding machine nozzle shall be the contact between the main flow path of the mould of spherical radius is consistent; Before and after the mold die mold foot size shall be determined and injection motor match the thread hole is arranged on the mould. 6. Ejection stroke ejection stroke should be according to the appearance of the product and mold design to carry on the reasonable choice, general ejection stroke of the machine is fixed, when ordering machine, ejection stroke YiQu is big, so that is suitable for a variety of products.
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