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Sharing of injection molding machine maintenance regularly check the time with the project

by:Hisson     2020-04-13
In order to ensure the injection molding machine running normally, reduce failure occurs, keep the injection molding machine with high performance, service life, safety operation and shorten downtime caused by fault, injection molding machine must be inspected periodically maintenance work. Injection molding machine of regular maintenance inspection can be divided into weekly, monthly, annual maintenance break time. , injection molding machine weekly maintenance check project 1, check and tighten all connecting bolts, such as curved cubits the bolt connection and the movement parts, mold clamp and its structure activity in connection bolts or screws, limit switch fixed lock screw, etc. ; 2, check the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil cooling unit of each system in the cooling pipe and oil pipe, view the presence of oil, water leakage phenomenon, when necessary and appropriate tighten or replace sealing washer; 3, carefully check all lubricating points, and pipelines in the oil change, whether oil mixed with water and oil mixed with metal powder or other sundry, replace lubricating oil or when necessary to filter processing, etc. Project 1, injection molding machine, monthly maintenance inspection, check the hydraulic oil quality, oil was found to contain impurities, oil shortage or contain water to be disposed, adding less amount of hydraulic oil; 2, check each point line have loose phenomenon; 3, check on the electric cabinet ventilation filter, remove dirt, remove the cleaning when necessary; 4, clean the hydraulic oil filter; 5, on the active surface ( Such as rod, injection seat sliding guide rail surface, etc. ) A clean processing, and then reapplied good new lubricating oil. Three, injection molding machine maintenance every year inspection project 1, check the hydraulic oil quality, generally require plastic injection molding machine with hydraulic oil - 12 months Replacement of a new oil, 18 months period when using new equipment, hydraulic oil used after 3 months from the eduction in injection molding machine hydraulic system, the control valve in hydraulic system, piping and tank of a cleaning ( Because the new equipment used in the early wear of iron powder, not clean sundry contain mixed in the oil pipeline) After the hydraulic oil filter ( With 150 mesh screen pack) To rejoin the tank; 2, the table shows the correction of thermocouple thermometer with a thermometer temperature error of the measured temperature measuring point, remove dirt, hot I contact the right working temperature measuring position correction of thermocouple; 3, check all wire connection point firmly control box, check whether line rubber insulation aging, prevent leakage, necessary change for line thread; 4, check the mechanical transmission gear system, such as bearing cleaning, check the wear condition, when it is necessary to replace the bearing; 5, check the gear tooth surface wear, deceleration box lubricating oil quality, a record; 6, check the screw and barrel wear conditions, grinding of wear and tear on the mild wear more serious phenomenon occurred, completing the record, the proposed change of plan. 7, the drive motor, hydraulic pump, motor to remove the check, check the wear and tear on the place such as bearing, pump body, add lubricating oil after cleaning, Fat) To wear a good record, repair or replace new parts plan; 8, for some seal, wearing parts inspection, replace if necessary.
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