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Sharing of injection molding machine operation and maintenance methods

by:Hisson     2020-04-13
Will pay attention to the safety of the operation, when the machine is used for each operation to check the safety device of the machine, insurance plunger and the reliability of the safety door. In the process of the machine, remember not to dig its hand deeper into the clamping mechanism. When get products, be sure to open the door, after confirm there is no foreign body in the personnel safety and mould, to close the door. In addition, in the running hand cannot stretch between the nozzle and the mold gate. When repairing the mold, please close the oil pump motor. Molding products, due to the varieties of raw materials, molding products area size and shape is different, need the clamping force is also different, when moving mold please the minimum clamping force adjustment according to the actual needs. In this way, can save the electricity consumption and will significantly extend the service life of the machine. Hydraulic system to regulate the pressure according to the requirements of each action performed, respectively, is unfavorable and exorbitant, using pressure reasonably, reducing energy consumption and prolong the service life of machine. Also, the limit switch position, to be adjusted according to the requirement of the molding products. Especially in the process of the injection to keep pressure switch point adjustment, must pay attention to, otherwise it may make the products molding deficiency or lead to products produces excessive internal stress and flash, even cause mould, and make the mould is difficult to open. The screw or when there is no material in the cylinder, unfavorable use high rotational speed of screw, Best under 30 r/per) 。 For materials with screw screw groove ( Under-burnt clinker) when it is squeezed through the nozzle port , then the screw rotation speed up to the required value, in order to avoid because of the idle speed is too high or too long and scratch screw or cylinder. Cylinder heated from room temperature to the required temperature, heat preservation for 10 minutes, to start the screw feeding, to ensure that the residual slag fully molten, avoid damage to the screw. Machine oil pump, relief valve in the factory has adjusted the, please don't change. Start the machine works, when the cooling water temperature 5 - After 10 ℃ ( When there is no water in the cooler, you must first make it water filling) 。 Gradually open water valve of the cooler, and adjust water in the process of use, to keep the oil temperature below 55 ℃; When to start the cooler, avoid by all means is quickly open the cooling water inlet valve, because a lot of cold water flows through the cooler, can make the cooler tube surface to form a layer of thermal conductivity is very poor 'supercooled layer', even if a large amount of water into the cooler after the result is not a good cooling effect. Attaches great importance to the machine lubrication, implemented strictly in accordance with the requirements of operation, in the case of lack of oil, the serious wear and tear parts, especially the connecting rod and steel set of clamping mechanism, if the lack of oil may be bite, and unable to work. Mould replacement for 'die', you must first confirm template after four of the adjusting nut has injected enough lubricating oil containing molybdenum disulfide. Plasticizing a nitrogen-treated barrel and screw, heating connection thread part, due to work under high temperature, tear open outfit, the threaded portion shall be coated heat-resistant grease ( Red lead and molybdenum disulfide) In order to avoid unable to tear open outfit for killed. ( The screw thread for left-hand thread) 。 Mould of the installation surface has high machining accuracy, please don't use bad mould installation surface and parallel degree, and mounting screw thread bad, so as not to damage the performance of the clamping mechanism and damage the template. Mould installation two plane please don't long time ( More than ten minutes) The mould in high voltage clamping state, lest cause connecting rod and steel lock set off oil, may make the mould unable to open ( It should be paid attention in the ten minutes) during blackout 。 Often keep starting each surface clean. At the end of the processing: the every time 1) Closing hopper blanking plug board, use the 'manual' operating mode, the seat back and repeated injection plastic material and injection, the residual material discharge as far as possible, within the cylinder corrosive materials with special material feed tube screw to clean clean. ( 2) USES the 'manual' operating mode, closed mould to make it in a free state, Not completely lock state) 。 ( 3) Cut off the heating power supply, close the oil pump motor, the total power supply and cooling water. ( 4) To prepare for the cleaning and maintenance of the machine. In the operation to the nameplate of each switch, not wrong operation, in order to avoid damage to the parts. Electric heating circle in use, due to heat expansion, may loose, in use, please pay attention to check, at any time. Thermocouple probe should guarantee good contact and feeding tube to the thermometer hole, check before driving, found poor contact, to tighten at any time. Seriously good earthed, regularly check the insulation condition of electrical components, in order to avoid electric shock. Check the low voltage circuit, please use the multimeter. To prevent injection molding machine temperature control instrument zero drift, every six months the maintenance department to check the calibration of equipment.
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