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Sharing of injection molding machine screw cylinder fault and the solution

by:Hisson     2020-05-03
Symptoms partly solution not bottom feeder screw fracture in new screw hopper 'bridge' to 'bridge' collapsing cylinder feed temperature to ensure high temperature reset incoming paragraphs charging volume overshoot hydrosphere is working crushing raw materials broken again, change the design of the cylinder inlet ( Inside groove, do eccentric milling slope) , deepen the depth of the screw thread slot product yellow with black spots in screw cylinder wear abrasion situation based on the corresponding screw or cylinder screw component has a blind Angle to replace the corresponding special screw or three small screw is raw material using carbide anticorrosion material better screw nozzle hole a teenager nozzle holes to drill the screw compression ratio is too large for the corresponding compression screw screw temperature package material screw core cooling deep hole plasticizing bad product raw material in the screw is not fully melted raise the temperature of the cylinder, using the separated type screw products uneven color mixture screw mixing effect is bad shot rubber mixing screw with high end instability lead aprons around activity clearance is too large to replace the small gap after apron aprons, and bad cooperation meson in outer diameter and end verticality good lap and meson aprons and the cylinder clearance is too large to replace the corresponding cylinder wear parts and easy leaking flange contact rubber tube and flange face no tiejin overhaul two workpiece length of the seam allowance inside and outside of the flange of end face and outside check mouth not vertical overhaul two workpiece inside and outside the seam allowance and end verticality screws or cylinder tensile strength is not enough with 12. 9 screw, mingled with a cylinder, cylinder diameter screw back hard feed temperature on the high side; Broken material is too large; Mr Pressure setting is too large; Cylinder feed zone set unreasonable; The screw cylinder clearance is too small. Set reasonable parameters; Broken again less raw material; Clearance is too large to replace a new screw cylinder; Reasonable design of inlet. Products have bubble shell pressure is too low; Compression ratio is too small. Due to high shot speed too slow, mould; Set the reasonable process parameters, select a larger compression ratio of the screw screw haven't assembly in place a sound material barrel; Fodder barrel mouth file size is too small; Screw shank diameter is too small; Screw the straightness is not good; Screw discharge design is not smooth; Sundry off feed tube check each file size; Reinstall the; Remove the foreign body; Illiquid raw material to produce in three small smooth discharge structure.
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