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Sharing of injection molding machine temporary outage work matters needing attention

by:Hisson     2020-04-16
End of production or injection quality failure, injection molding machine need temporary downtime or long downtime. How to stop the work, not only relates to the quality of the next forming and the wastage of raw material, will also affect the service life of the screw and cylinder. Just before the molding is completed or temporary stop before, to finish air-launched cylinder type materials, add the right amount of cleaning material cylinder to clean clean, according to the heating switch, close the cylinder electric heating. Close the hopper plate. If the downtime is temporary for short periods of time, don't close the cylinder heating, the heating temperature of every section reduced from 100 to 150 degrees. If the injection molding machine is equipped with the nozzle temperature control with temperature regulator, turn the regulator button to zero, the regulator disconnect. This is not only for the next injection operation can heat in the shortest possible time feeding tube. Is to prevent the resin has melted the stranded within the cylinder, heating cylinder body of the remaining material should be completely removed, The air injection several times) , then add the right amount of cleaning material cylinder to clean clean, finally will stop screw in the front position. In manual mode, clamping ( But don't come into the high voltage clamping) , and will be taking, screw returned to the stop position. Close the oil pump motor, pay close attention to molding machine if the total power of injection molding machine to suspend operation, it must be many times more than the clear adhesive or so by injection molding machine clean shot plastic cylinder or residual plastic barrel. In plastic fade, the number of spray cleaning will be increased. During the minor repair; Shot material cylinder of the heater must be set at the lowest, 150 ℃, for example, to try to reduce the possibility of thermal decomposition. Thermal stability of injection plastic ( Such as photoshop or PE) Before, if already stop a night in advance, just simply close the hopper heater (skateboard and shoot at the bottom of the cylinder Only open shot nozzle heater) To shoot material cylinder spray clean out. Shoot tip after completely clean, cool barrel height as far as possible, after waiting for injection molding machine cooling, close all equipment. Injection molding machine can be fully ready to heat again. Shot or barrel temperature, material cylinder if the above steps will only a little change, in case of thermal decomposition of resin. (such as close shot material cylinder heaters Only open shot nozzle heater) , or will be highly cooling barrel as far as possible, during continuous spray residual resin. Closing hopper at the bottom of the skateboard, try to spray the qing inclined rubber cylinder, if no plastic, can be shut down for equipment, arrange another time to use again. If plastic decomposition or combustion inside the injection molding machine, will eventually change color, make the finished goods into the trash. In this situation, it must be fully closed injection molding machine, spray clean out. Prevention method is to use a higher thermal stability of plastic spray sensitive resin when it is heated, it will arrive by then. Some plastics ( Such as POM, PVC) Very easy to decompose, if injection suddenly stop on the way, so before continue to injection molding, should open shot nozzle heater, only when the plastic has shoot tip melted, to start the shot material cylinder heater. Shot feeding cylinder or barrel temperature should be adjusted to about 140 ℃. Then the temperature up to the processing temperature, and clear residual spray plastic as soon as possible. After spraying clear plastic must be put into cold water. If you want to change other plastic, had better choose PS or natural, the fireproof grade of PE as the spray cleaning agent; If spray is not completely clear the leftover material, the cutting will visit POM blending PVC, or has been mixed. Outage or switch to another kind of plastic, must check out of the steps is correct. Material supplier has printed pamphlet containing details of the full, should be carefully read before operation, understand each plastic required to 'standard downtime steps'. Beside the brochure should be placed in the injection molding machine, so that the operator pick up at any time.
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