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Silicone injection molding machine what function

by:Hisson     2020-10-02
In industrial production, often need to use the silicone injection molding machine. Perhaps for the injection molding machine is not very understanding, below we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in guangdong and you a brief introduction about its function. Silicone injection molding machine is solid silicone rubber injection molding machine series products according to the specific processing property of silica gel products on the basis of the optimization of an injection molding machine, its function is as follows: 1. Thermal line break detection function & ndash; — Ensure that the finished good; 2. Time mould preheating function & ndash; — To improve efficiency; 3. Clamping system USES pressure sensor & ndash; — To achieve precision infinite loop control; 4. Second clamping exhaust function, and can configure vacuum machine, vacuum function & ndash; — Eliminate product trapped gas; 5. Many sections of PID SSR precision electric heating temperature control system; 6. Precision direct pressure clamping mechanism & ndash; — To ensure that the clamping force is uniformly distributed and Gao Pingxing degrees; 7. Comprehensive anomaly detection stop function & ndash; — Improve the efficiency of the operator to solve the problem; 8. LSR special hydraulic water-cooled sealing glue shoot tip & ndash; — To prevent the shoot tip leak adhesive and curing plug nozzle; 9. High response injection system and the automatic V - P conversion function & ndash; — Product precision stability; 10. SPC diversified production management chart & ndash; — To improve management efficiency of management; 11. Diversified ejection function & ndash; — Cooperate with different complex mould requirements; 12. Can choose standard, single board, more than double skateboard and lower die disc machine, etc.
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